3 Crucial Tips For Hosting A Virtual Event Or Party

In a time when we can’t get out to meet with friends and we can’t go to a concert or a party, we had to adapt and improvise. Luckily, we now have the right means and devices to organize digital gatherings. This way, even if we can’t satiate our thirst for face-to-face encounters, we still get to see and hear each other. 

However, virtual events are a bit delicate and require a lot more attention to details than a regular, in-person gathering. In addition, we also have the added pressure and anxiety of the endless stream of negative news that plague every communication environment. 

So, if you are planning a virtual event (like a social gathering or a birthday party) here are the top three most important aspect to make it a success:

#1: Make Sure Everyone is Involved

Do you know those people who usually feel a bit awkward at a party and tend to sit on the edges? In a face-to-face setting, they stand out easily which means the host will know they need a bit of extra attention before they feel left out of the general fun. 

However, things are totally different at a Zoom party where, depending on the number of guests, each member’s window can get quite small. Moreover, if everyone is chatting and talking, it’s extremely easy to miss the ones who don’t engage in conversation. 

Therefore, it’s best to plan ahead and give everyone something to do (preferably something fun like a game or an interesting conversation). You can even organize everyone into small groups and have them switch every 20 minutes or so. And, if your inspiration is a bit low, o a bit of research looking for virtual social event ideas. Luckily, people are quite creative and many like to share their ideas of virtual fun! 

#2: Stay on Topic

A party is a party and it should have a theme that all the guests respect! 

Therefore, we recommend setting a special theme and asking everyone to dress up accordingly. It doesn’t matter that they are only dressing up for the living room, the effort should be the same as for an in-person party. Just the fact that you’ll take the time to choose the outfit, apply makeup, or even take a shower is enough to take your mind off the anxiety surrounding the pandemic. 

And sure, there will be some nay-sayers, so be prepared to make full use of your charm to get everyone on board!

#3: Be Prepared for Tech Issues

Any host must be prepared for various things that could (and usually would) go wrong during the event. Therefore, when you host a virtual event, you also have to be prepared to deal with tech-related problems. From guiding less tech-savvy people on how to unmute themselves to solving connectivity issues, your job is to make sure every attendee is happy and well-cared for. 

Quick tip: If you’re not sure you can handle this step, ask for help from a tech-savvy friend or hire an assistant for the day of the event

In summary, a virtual event can be an absolute success as long as you put the same interest in the organization as you would with a regular one. 

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