2013 Artists To Watch

2012 has come and gone, and we know your ears are itching for something new and powerful to take you through 2013. Look no further than these two ladies for the sound of the New Year.



Haze, 21-year-old Detroit native, brings a vicious swag to the world of female rappers that has been lacking. Haze has gained a considerable underground following from her popular covers of some of hip hop’s most recognizable songs. Since appearing on the scene in late 2010, Haze has produced several mixtapes with covers and some of her own original music and continues to make a name for herself in credible music circles.

In addition to her recently released mixtape “Classick”, Haze has appeared on the radars of BET and BBC as an artist to watch for the year of 2013. Check out Haze’s flow on YouTube. We recommend a listen to “Cleaning Out My Closet” and “Trust Issues”. Trust us, you’ll be hooked.

To download Haze’s mixtape, click here.



A new slow jam songstress has graced our presence. Aiko, 24, has had an enormous YouTube presence and has since followed up with a few mixtapes of her own. Aiko’s vocals are as ranging and unique as her mixed heritage. The L.A. native brings soul and a sexy mystery to her music, allowing her to stand out among other R&B artists.

Aiko’s latest mixtape entitled “Sailing Soul(s)” is a perfect blend of smooth and spicy to brighten your day or keep you company on a lonely night. The mixtape features collaborations with Miguel, Drake and Kanye West. “Stranger” and “Sailing NOT Selling” are some of our favorites. Aiko is an artist to watch simply because she has a sound all her own.

To download Aiko’s mixtape, click here.

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