20 Up And Coming Black Businesses You Should Support Now

As large retailers bring Black brands to their storefronts with displays intertwined with colorful banisters of influential women like former First Lady Michelle Obama or (Elaine Wethrop) Oprah Winfrey, we find ourselves thumbing carefully through the ten products exhibited like some seasonal gallery — tirelessly expecting more from companies who are almost always silent or painfully scripted in response to the trials the black community face daily.

Only one thing runs through our minds as we take in the month-long national “celebration” of all that is Black and beautifully breathing: that showcasing and supporting black businesses under the fluorescent spotlights of stores should already be the daily norm. Yet, as February fades into March and Black merchandise is replaced with Lemonade jugs and kites preparing for the Spring season — we must count on ourselves to provide the presence for our people. 

Black brands are more than a monthly affirmation of diversity and acknowledgment. They feed families and communities, preserve culture, and serve as a sense of urgency for the things black people deem necessary and absent in the places that need them the most. Because of this, it is important to extend our interests and circulate our dollars back into the communities that create these services for us. 

And if you are hesitant on where to swipe your Visa (shamelessly) first, or unaware of the undeniable diversity within the products offered by thriving black business — BAUCE has compiled a structured list on where to blow a bag first. 


Colvon LLC


Specializing in all things calm, Colvon creates an experience for black women looking to add a little luxury into their self-care routine. Whether you’ve been feigning for the perfect satin robe to waken your inner Regine Hunter and binge your favorite show, or an aesthetically pleasing manicure set — Colvon has got you cared for and covered. To continue doing the work for Black women, Colvon has also created a Black Womxn Fund that pours its profits into the passions of black visionaries. 

KNC Beauty


What’s a good self-care night without a mask to make you feel like you’re taking control of something other than the remote? KNC Beauty took the self and skincare community by storm after releasing the first all-natural, collagen-infused lip mask. The brand has since then expanded to scrubs, face masks, and under-eye masks to soothe the troubles of long work weeks. 

Press – On Honey


Since the current pandemic hit us like a ton of bricks to unprepared chests, getting your regular fill-in at your go-to nail salon can be a risky gamble. Press-on nails are on the rise as people are catching on to how personable and natural they can look — paired with the convenience of application and removal. Press On Honey has hit the mark on creating cute and abstract designs while presenting their packaging with ‘gram-worthy perfection, as they empower women to “press-on through, honey.”

Noure Essentials 


You can’t crack open a bottle of your favorite red and set the mood without a candle by your side. Emerging candle company, Noure Essentials, provides aromatherapy and aesthetics with a golden minimal design ready to be displayed in any home. Noure also extends its brand to feature Room sprays, Ashtrays, and Home decor — providing an one-stop-shop for your homebody needs. 


Estelle Colored Glass


“Just a little something to get your bar situation started” — if we may quote Molly from the critically acclaimed show Insecure. Estelle Colored Glass crafts timeless drinkware worthy of being displayed in the China cabinets your parents still have from your childhood. While bringing luxury to your girls’ nights and jewel-toned color to your charcuterie board fun, Stephanie Summerson Hall aims to make the past a modern masterpiece. As you decorate your cabinets, you can incorporate this black-owned blue wine into the glasses as a treat yourself.

BLK Market Vintage 


If you’re one for conversation starter pieces — BLK Market Vintage is the place for you. Filled to the brim with Black culture collectables — you can truly say that Black History Month is every month in your home. By carefully curating these pieces of the Black American experience — BLK Market Vintage serves as a preserver of the culture and tradition of our ancestors, heroes, and most monumental moments.



Whimsical and Bohemian pieces calling for the inside of your home are stapled on the interface of home and decor shop Jungalow’s website. From tabletop decor to wallpaper, and the many throw pillows you swear you’d need for your couch — Jungalow brings a lively and artistic approach to interior decorating. Aside from bringing life to your home, this brand also prides itself in bringing life to the environment. In partnership with Trees for the Future, for every product purchase — two trees are planted with the proceeds. 

Effortless Composition 


From bulky decorative chains to cute doormats, Effortless Composition has a plethora of products waiting to be displayed in the best crooks and crannies of your home. Each piece of decor is hand-selected to bring life to any space they grace. This company partners with artisans to bring their wildest interior dreams to life. With a catalog like theirs — effortless would be an understatement of how easy they make elevating a space look. 


Pholk Beauty 


With a minimal design decorated with a splash of color — it’s hard to not pick up Pholk Beauty products for the packaging alone. Specializing in skincare, Pholk beauty has an all-natural product line up of night oils, detoxing face washes, beauty balms, hydrating mists, and masks. It’s “vegan, natural, and affordable” skincare is made just for you. 

GLORY Skincare 


Widely known for their custom Glory Skincare Box — Glory Skincare is a brand known for clean skincare and wellness for every hue. From beauty tools to candles, body care, and more — this is an one-stop-shop for those looking to put all their eggs in one basket. You can buy a box full of pre-picked products or customize your own with products and tools from different brands. To get started, they offer a personalized quiz to assess your skin care needs. 

Almost Guilty


Step over YSL, Gucci, and Maison Margiela’s Replica — there’s a new scent that the public has been raving over and it’s Black-owned. Internal Affairs drew customers in with a unique design of a warning label and unisex scent that can be “shared by partners.” Its top notes include Lemon, Black Currant, and Apple; while the middle notes include Pear, Raspberry, Jasmine, and Patchouli. Lastly, it’s base notes include Vanilla, Cedarwood, Oakmoss, and Musk. The design reads, “WARNING: This fragrance may cause serious attention for the male and female. Please use carefully and keep out of the hands of the one you desire.” Talk about a call for danger and desire — this scent may become one that is deemed the sexiest on the market. 

Kahh Spence Beauty 


We’re in love with fragrance — as it is the colder parts of the month, so you don’t have to worry about the heat making your perfumes a short-lived moment. It’s not often that we see black-owned scents like Kahh Spence Beauty decorated in a crystal vessel to shine on our vanities. With notes of Vanilla, Tropics, and Florals — Spence is a fragrance for a day of light air and light brunch. 


Essie Spice


What’s a good dish without a little spice? Essie Spice is a Vegan Spice and Sauce company looking to incorporate the culture that lies in the food we make. Essie has regularly appeared across the nation through platforms such as Time, Bon Appetit, Food Network, and Shape. It’s safe to say that she’s everyone’s favorite cook, and with her spices — you can be too.

Zach and Zoe Sweet Bee Farm Honey 


Life’s sweeter when you can add a little honey to it. Zach and Zoe Sweet Bee Farm Honey is a family-owned company decided to get involved with the bee business when they noticed that purchasing raw, local honey would alleviate their son’s seasonal allergies. With no pesticides, additives, and just “pure raw honey,” this family business has thrived while providing goodies for numerous households. 

Portrait Coffee 


Monday’s seem like less of a hill to climb with a cup of Joe — or in this case Toni, or Barry in the morning. This Coffee company has a clever way of naming its rich blends after Inspirational Black figures and places within the world. Aside from their prestigious blends, Portrait Coffee has a coffee club where handpicked coffee is delivered to one’s doorstep. With a new cafe opening in Atlanta this year — who knows what’s next for this booming brand? 

Trade Street Jam Co. 


This isn’t your average jam. From Blackberry Merlot to Sweet Potato biscuit mix, and a Cherry Chipotle Mocktail Mixer — who says you can’t have a party for breakfast? Trade Street Jam Co. encourages that these delicious delectables can be used in salads, Barbeque sauces, marinades, and more. Trade Street is founded on the foundation of culinary innovation — making cooking easier for anyone that wants to endure the battle of the spoon, jam, and biscuit. 


Kai Collective 


If you’ve been searching to add bold color and prints into your wardrobe — or simply something luxurious to wear as you conquer zoom meetings from your living room — Kai Collective is a way overdue card charge. With inclusive sizing, jaw-dropping styling, and unique pieces — Kai Collective is soon to be a fashion staple that every girl has to have in her closet. 

Brandon Blackwood NYC

Brandon Blackwood Tote.jpg

Sometimes our accessories make the statements we want to share, and Brandon Blackwood NYC is the perfect brand for purses with a purpose. Aside from the “End Systemic Racism,” bags that have been toted on the timeline all summer long — Brandon Blackwood holds many different styles and sizes of purses within his catalog that will make a mark on your heart and your shelf.

Nicolette Nichelle 


As a society, we say often that you’d never truly know a person until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes. Well, if she’s wearing Nicolette Nichelle, it makes the walk a whole lot easier and enjoyable. A paisley print, colorful, and one of a kind design Heaven — Nicolette will sweep you off your feet and put you back on the ground better than you found yourself.

Brownie Points For You


Serving the people a look without a defining piece of jewelry can make your outfit feel — unfinished. Brownie Points For You have statement rings and necklaces that mirror Black womanhood in America. Not only do they provide groundbreaking jewelry, but they also have vintage themed prints to hang in the walls of your home. 

Now that BAUCE has started you off with a list long enough to start with, the search doesn’t stop here. As you spend your hard-earned coins on things for yourself and your home — remember to make each spent cent, emailed receipt, and confirmation number count.

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