20 Things You Should Remember About Your Twenties

Patricia Bright couldn’t have said it better herself about what being in your twenties is like: “this whole part of life is a process.” Growing up isn’t easy and it’s funny how those days (cough cough, this current time in our life) that once seemed so far off have arrived in our lives with full steam. Every one reaches success (however that is defined for them) at their own pace, and often the plans we set out for ourselves (getting married at 24 or becoming an Olympian) get interrupted, shifted, or transformed as we continue to discover ourselves. However, if we can continue to remember that this stage in our lives is truly a process and that EVERYTHING — your ups, your downs, your successes, your failures, your mistakes, your hiccups — will all add up to who you will truly become, then this period of life will feel less difficult. In this video from one of our fave YouTubers, Patricia shares 20 things she’s learned in the first quarter of her life — and how you can use these tips to shave off the anxiety and keep on trucking.

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