18 Ways to Make More Money While You Sleep

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We women have plenty of things to look forward to throughout the day. We are constantly juggling our workload with our private life and sometimes that can be a struggle. Wouldn’t it be nice to earn some passive income while you’re burning holes in your heels during the day? Or better yet, while you’re stealing z’s at night?

These are no Ponzi schemes and neither are there ways to get rich quick. You will either have to invest a little bit of your time or a little bit of your mula’ if you’d like to eventually earn cash with little to know effort! Check out this list for ways that you can get your money up by building passive income.

1. Shop until you drop, boo

 Let us start with the easiest and simplest way to earn back some dough. We already use our bank and credit cards every day — why not earn a little cash-back while doing it? Many banks such as Bank of America, Chase and First American Bank (amongst plenty, plenty more) offer anywhere from 1-5% cash back and all you have to do is swipe your card. These cash rewards will add up in your checking or savings account without you lifting a finger.  Here is a list of some banking accounts and promotion deals that will help you stack these coins.

2. Selling your gently worn clothes

Let’s face it, many of us have a shopping problem that we are not fond of admitting. Why not add a little pocket change to that wallet by selling the clothes you no longer wear? Sell your gently used garments at online marketplaces that will offer you the most cash for y0ur threads. Some sites we recommend are Poshmark, Tradesy, and ThreadUp.

3. Investing in stocks

We know, it doesn’t sound fun at all. It may even sound a bit boring. But, think about it like this. You could seriously go to bed with zero bucks and wake up to find that your stock hit the jackpot. You won’t actually play a role in running the company, but you will become part owner. Here’s a beginner’s guide to help you learn more about how stocks work. Also, you can check out this post to learn more about high dividend stocks at

4. While doing what you already do…

Did you know that you could get money by simply searching the web, playing online games, or even shopping online? With websites like instaGC or InboxDollars are great ways to make monetary strides to a stable future. If you are already online, surfing the web blindly, this would be great for you. On these websites, you can get paid quickly by simply doing the above.

5. Beating faces…

Are all of your friends in awe of how you put your face together? Well, who doesn’t love a good beat? We’re up all night watching make-up tutorials anyway, so let’s get paid for it! Now, this may only apply to those of us who treat our make-up brushes like Harry Potter’s wands. Help your sisters out and by sharing your tips on how to create looks that they can slayyyyyyyy (snaps fingers) in. Launch a YouTube channel that will rack up views while your napping or join an online beauty styling service like GlamSquad or StyleSeat to book clients 24/7.

6. Pay off debts that accrue interest

It may not make a whole lot of sense now, but when you think about it, paying of debt is a great way to “earn” the money you would have lost to added interest overtime. Additionally, certain banks will pay you (in interest) for maintaining  a certain level in your savings account. Check out The Motley Fool’s ‘9 Ways to Pay Off Debt’ for tips on saving.

7. Niche Sites

Another way to make bank is by creating a niche website. Niche websites are often specific in their focus, provide relevant information, and are extremely SEO optimized to build traffic overtime.  Are you into traveling or arts and crafts? You can start a niche site today by honing in on your interest and learning more about SEO. Depending on the way you choose to monetize your site and the number of visitors you get, you could make cash monthly! Do be mindful though – the journey to make a website that makes money does take time. Get started with this easy website builder today.

8. Selling items on eBay or Craigslist

Do you have an old desk in your room that’s taking up space? Or what about a mini fridge from your dorm days? Well, one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure. Try selling these items online on eBay or Craigslist for some quick bucks.

9. Drop shipping

Many people do not know how common drop-shipping really is! Drop shipping allows you to set up an e-commerce store without holding any inventory — people simply come to your site to make an order and then it is routed to the wholesaler who handles the rest of the delivery process. The products you could sell could be anything from jewelry, beauty products, or even clothing. This will cost you money upfront but with the right product, you’ll be earning passively in no time. Here’s an ultimate drop shipping guide created by Shopify.

10. Start a blog

What many people don’t know is, most bloggers don’t make much from blogging upfront. You first have to develop a solid audience. If you love blogging about make-up, work on attracting make-up enthusiasts to your site. Once you have a decent following, you can sell different products, digital downloads or services to your audience. Again, monetizing sites take patience so only start one if you’re willing to put in for the long-term commitment. Pro tip: You can use a web traffic generator to push new visitors to your blog when you are starting out.

11. Buy a blog

If you’re not interested in a slow startup, buying a blog may be right up your alley. Look for a blog whose audience is similar to yours and work on ways you can monetize on it (Adsense, banners, affiliates, etc)! If you’re a digital marketing guru, you could also take older blogs, flip them (build up their traffic) and then sell them off. Here’s how.

12. Sell your handmade items on Etsy

Do you have homemade face scrub that your grandmother swears by? Well, this may be your niche. Make money for products you create! It is possible to grow a huge following if your products actually work! Here’s a startup guide on how to sell items successfully on Etsy.

13. Investing in Certificates of Deposits

It doesn’t matter what age you are. Certificates of Deposits are great if you have extra cash you don’t plan on spending (right away, at least). You could be saving up for a vacation or maybe even a down payment on a car. Most banks award 5-10% interest rate on CD investments that have terms of as short as 6 months. By investing in CD’s, you’ll earn interest on money that would have otherwise earned nothing

14. eBooks

eBooks are everything right now! Are you knowledgeable about a certain topic and have great writing abilities? This might be for you! Technology has made it easier for people to get their content out there in various formats. For a more detailed guide, Hubspot offers a great guide on how to create an eBook from start to finish.

15. Affiliate marketing

This is something that may be a little easier for people who already have a blog or website. By partnering with a company, becoming an affiliate, you can be awarded for every customer you bring to the company based off of your marketing efforts. Companies have various ways to determine your payment such as pay-per-click and pay-per-sale, amongst several others. It may take time to build clientele, but this could be a great way to earn income in your leisure with time.

16. Contests and giveaways

This one is simple and may be a little time consuming at first. By entering into different contests and/or giveaways you are setting yourself up for the chance to possibly win big (with very little effort on your part, at all). Many places (stores, clothing websites, large department stores) ask you to enter your email for your chance to win. It usually doesn’t take much time! Don’t be afraid to sign up for giveaways or cash rewards from brands you trust.

17. Social Lending Network

Okay, so it is possible to start off losing money here. But places like Lending Club allow you to lend money to people who need it. There are different kinds of loans, ranging from safest to riskiest. You will accrue interest on these loans and receive annualized returns.

18. Freelance writing

Companies are looking for content every day! If you love to write about certain topics or just enjoy writing period, you could get into the market of selling your stories or articles. Here are 20 sites you should sign up for if you want to make money creating content for other people.

Do understand that all “passive income” takes active work — you’ll have to either leverage your time or invest some startup costs to get your side-hustles off the ground. However, once you’ve scaled these ideas into solid businesses with automated streams of income, you’ll see the money adding up in your bank account in no time.

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