15 Things to Know Before You Go on a Date With A BAUCE Woman

There’s an art to a successful first date. Some people may beg to differ, but I believe it’s rather simple. All you need is good conversation and well a good “candidate.” A BAUCE woman knows what she deserves so she won’t settle for anything less (just watch the way “Michelle” checked “Barack” in Southside With You). Here’s what your potential suitor should keep in mind ladies before he wines and dines you:

1) Be Able to Hold a Conversation

It’s definitely a turn on when a man can carry an in depth conversation on various topics or just has such a great personality that he can talk about anything. Also, make sure you allow her to tell you about herself. So engage, participate, and respond.

2) Catch Up On Current Events

With that being said, make sure you have something to talk about. From pop culture to this year’s election, be privy to what’s going on in the word. Awkward silence is uncomfortable so simply being up to date on any topic can prevent that. Insightful opinions make for great conversation. Plus being smart is definitely a turn on.

3) Dress to Impress

Arriving well dressed is a sure way to get the attention of a BAUCE woman. It reads that you respect your date enough to show up presentable.  First impressions are important so you want to leave a good lasting one.

4) Be on Time

It is so annoying when you set an appointment with someone and they’re late! I understand that things may come up beyond our control, but at least be mindful enough to notify your BAUCE lady that you may be a few minutes late.

5) Confirm

With that being said, make sure you confirm your date is still on at least 24 hours in advance. You want her to know that you are genuinely looking forward to spending that time with her.

6) Be a Gentleman

Nowadays, it’s not too often that a man pulls back a chair for a woman, lets her pass through the door first, or offers to hang up her coat. If you’re picking up your date, actually go to her door and ring the doorbell instead of beeping the horn or sending an “I’m outside” text. It seems actions such as these are now deemed “too much”. . . but really it’s a way to show that you are chivalrous and have basic home training.

7) Turn Off Your Phone!

I know checking your friend’s most recent post on Facebook or Instagram is extremely tempting but you can be away from your phone for at least 1 hr out of the whole day. Your focus should be on the person you’re with.

8) Take the Check

Of course a BAUCE woman can hold her own, but it’s nice to know that the man can do the same. If things go well and you continue to go out with each other you can agree to split checks in the future — but never on the first date.

9) Take the Lead

I don’t know about anyone else, but I love when a man takes control of what we’re going to do on the first date. It shows that he really does want to spend time with you and takes your interests into consideration. An easy way to decide on the location of your date is to simply ask questions like “what is your favorite food?” or  “how do you feel about this?” and so on. BAUCE women are independent but they also know when to let the man be “the man”.

10) Mind Your Manners

You would think this would be common sense, but unfortunately some men need reminding. Please exercise proper etiquette. Refrain from picking at your teeth or obnoxiously laughing out loud. This is not to say you’re “lying” to your date by not showing your true self. Said person doesn’t know you like that yet so it may be cute later on, but it’s definitely a major turn off for a BAUCE woman that is mature and knows how to keep her composure.

11) Be Honest

Lying gets you nowhere but a missed call and unanswered text. There is no need to embellish especially when you can’t keep up with it. Also, it’s important to also know that you need to be real about what you’re looking for. Don’t try to pull a fast one or play games like you’re in high school. Be direct – if you’re looking for something casual or looking for something real then keep it funky. Honesty is the best policy with a BAUCE.

12) Let It Flow (Toni Braxton Voice)

BAUCE women can be intimidating but know that the first date is just a first date. There shouldn’t be any expectations because you don’t know the person yet. Just relax and have fun!

13) Flirt

No need to try too hard, just give her a compliment or two. It’s a nice confidence booster and is another way to show that you’re interested in her.

14) Main Goal: Make Sure She Laughs

Humor is always a good way to lighten up the mood. A first date can be nerve racking for some so make sure your date is comfortable. Once there’s a good vibe you’ll definitely have a great time.

15) Follow Up

If you actually had a good time don’t play the “wait a few days to text her because you don’t want to look too thirsty” game. That’s child’s play. A man who knows what he wants is super attractive. If you want to see her again let her know. Most BAUCE women are high value and easy to lose – your waiting game could come off as disinterest and before you know it, she’s on to the next.

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