12 Ways to Celebrate Being Single This Season

By Christina Jeter

Self-love is the greatest reward you can ever achieve. One it is priceless to obtain and holds different value for each individual. The steps to celebrating being single is not to shout out  at the roof-top that you are independent and strong, but to know that you know what youa want out of life and will not settle for anything less. Silence is golden and a picture is worth a thousand words, so speak with your actions and leave an impression on your admirers mind!


  1. Pleasure Principles. Know how to make love to yourself better than anyone else can. Whether it’s hugging yourself every morning, blowing a kiss to yourself in the mirror or using something battery operated to help you give yourself the gift of love.
  2. Stand under a mistletoe solo. Know that you have what is desired and needed by all and carefully examine who is trying to stand under it with you.
  1. Naughty and nice. There are many sides to the individual and make sure you can win an Oscar playing them all.
  1. Best dressed. The person makes the outfit, now be the walking advertisement for your brand.
  1. Enjoy your own company. Do things that interest you and you will find that you will be in the company of people just like you.
  1. Treat yourself. Whenever you accomplish a goal, celebrate it with a reward.
  1. Know that you are royalty. Never let anybody try to ruin your reign.
  1. Be happily bliss. Know that you don’t have the negativity of others in your life.
  1. Reap what you sow.  When you treat yourself the way you want to be treated, you will obtain the company of those who deserve your company.
  1. Thanksgiving. Give thanks that you have the choice to live the life you choose in single-dom.
  1. Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays to a person who is their own Santa, whether naughty or nice, you will always have the presents you want under your Christmas tree.
  1. Happy New Year. Here is to you celebrating single-dom all over again.

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