103 Apps That Are Guaranteed To Improve The Quality of Your Life

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You’re busy. We get that. BAUCE women are always on the run because we simply have sh*t to do. While most individuals are out lollygagging and not taking their life too seriously, we’re out here putting in work!  And since we know you’re out there transforming the world, we decided to create a list to help you do just that!

Don’t thank us just yet. We took into account the many obligations BAUCE women face throughout the week. We’re going to meetings, trying to fit a workout routine in somewhere, as well as trying to maintain our sanity throughout it all. Things can get a little crazy. So, here you go. We did the dirty work to find you the most useful apps for a woman of your caliber. Take a peek at this list of 101 apps to make your life easier!

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Hustle – Productivity, Educational and Entreprenuership Apps

Believe – Mindset, Well-being, Inspiration Apps

Earn – Money, Invesxtment, Scholarship Apps

Look – Fashion, Beauty, Styling

Live – General BAUCE Living


1. Slack

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

Slack is a great way to keep in touch with your colleagues. The app makes sure that you never miss anything when your away from your desk.

2. Behance

Behance app Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

Behance lets you share your project with millions of other people. Get inspired by some of the world’s most creative peopl

3. Pagespagesapp

Available On: IOS | Cost: $9.99

Pages is one of the best word processors you will ever come across on your mobile device. It great for all of those busy students out there who would like to do work when they’re on the go!

4. MatterMark

Available On: Android and IOS | Cost: Free

For those of you who like to keep track of the progress on different companies, Mattermark may be the app for you. Keep tabs on the growth, funding rounds, and employee numbers. You are able to stay up to date with news updates as well!

5. Clear

clearappAvailable On: IOS | Cost: $9.99

If you have a hard time keeping your sh*t together, then please, use this app. This app will become revolutionary in your life by reminding you to do even the smallest of tasks! You will be the most productive woman in your squad when you start using this app.

6. Wunderlist

Available On: IOS | Cost: Free

Wunderlust, much like Clear, is an app that will keep your life in check! It will give you all of the reminders you need!

7. LinkedIn

Available On:  Android & IOS | Cost: Free

LinkedIn, as we know it, is arguably the best networking sites around. There are many professionals hoping to reach out to some many potential candidates. If you aren’t on there, you’re missing many career opportunities.

8. Myscript Calculator

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

Whether your handwriting is wonderful or plain out terrible, this app will read your handwriting and perform different mathematical operations. We are not all rocket scientist and square root of 83 doesn’t have to be done in your head, boo!

9. Google Slides

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

Google slides is awesome for sharing slides and notes with people you are working with. Get in tune and stay organized with this app.

10. Flush

flushappAvailable On: IOS | Cost: Free

Yes, we even thought about those times you’re in public and need to take care of ‘business’. This handy, dandy app will tell you just which porcelain throne is worth sitting on.

11. Google Chrome

Available On: Android and IOS | Cost: Free

Google Chrome is an internet browser that started out on desktop and has expanded to a mobile device near you. We love this app because it saves your up to 50% of data usage while you’re browsing.

12. SmartNews

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

For those of us who absolutely need to stay up to date on current events, here ya’ go! This app generates news and allows you to read based on your interests. You will not miss a beat with this app.

13. YouCam Snap

youcamsnapappAvailable On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

If you’re a student or employee who is often writing handwritten notes. Well, here is an app that will allow you to take pictures of that content then crop out all of the information (or picture) that you don’t need! It’s marvelous, darling!

14. Google Drive

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

Do you often share documents with your fellow peers? Here is a great way to stay on top of group projects! Google Drive brings all of your documents that you created online and brings it to your mobile device.

15. SitorSquat SitOrSquatapp

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free 

Here’s another one, folks. If you’re in a new city and not familiar with different public restrooms in the area, use this!

16. Mint App mintapp

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free 

Do you often pay your bills at the last minute? This app is here to help. It will help you manage your money and pay your bills.

17. Evernote

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free to $3.99+

This app allows you to save information that you deem important and sync it to all of your devices (tablet, phone, and computer). You can even take pictures of important documents. Any and everything you need, all in one place! This app is free to download but you will have to upgrade your package for bigger and better features.

18. Square Fx

Available On: IOS | Cost: Free

Square FX will take an image and size it so that you are able to upload the whole picture to your Instagram. It’s quick and easy!

19. Asana

Platform: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

Communicate with your team, start tasks, and even hold conversation on this app. It’s awesome for the workplace.

20. LastPass

Platform: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

LastPass will save all of your passwords conveniently in one place. You’ll only have to remember one password, and that’s the one for the app!


21. NatureSpace

Available On: Android | Cost: $3.99

NatureSpace is a great app to wind- down with after a long and stressful day. NatureSpace has a plethora of relaxing and melodic sounds from nature.

22. Tumblr  tumblrapp

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free 

Tumblr is great for discovering and creating the things you love! This app makes it easier to do just that!

23. Pact pactapp

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

Girl. This app will seriously make you put your money where your mouth is. You want to 3 days out of the week? Make a pact. If you don’t fulfill it, you’re liable to cough up your hard earned dough. If you succeed and complete the pact, you’ll earn money! The only way you can lose is if you’re a loser. Keep your word and make a pact!

24. KillSwitch

Platform: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

Nowadays, it’s a lot harder to cut off an ex when you were sooo connected to each other, especially on social networks. KillSwitch changed that. Save yourself the heartache by seamlessly removing your ex from your life with this little app.

25. Zombies, Runzombiesrunapp 

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

To get you off of your ass, the creators of Zombies, Run created an app that will have your running for your life.

26. Nike+ Training Club

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

Not all of us are gym rats. We sometimes need a little extra assistance getting our workout on.

27. Pinterest

pinterestappAvailable On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

Catalog all of your ideas on Pinterest. You’ll surely be inspired by recipes, DIY’s and fashion alike.

28. Bible

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

The Bible app is pretty self explanatory. Either you read it or you don’t. For those of you who do, get uplifted by verses daily. You can follow different plans as well!

29. BodySpace

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free 

This app will keep you in check! Join this fitness community to stay on track of your gym routine. They offer new content and dope fitness trackers. Get you one, girl.

30. MapMyRun

mapmyrunAvailable On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

Here is another great app that will help you get off of your ass. MapMyRun will give you different routes you can take on your walk, jog, or run.

31. Fittr

Available On: IOS | Cost: $2.99

Here is another great app. No matter where your located, Fittr brings you workouts that a tailored just to you. You’re able to track your progress and view graphs that show you your progress.

32. Bloom* by Mindbloom

Available On: IOS | Cost: Free

Bloom* allows you to set reminders for yourself, but inspirationally. Achieve ordinary things in an extraordinary way.

33. Outlook

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free 

Outlook gives you your emails in a convenient and easy to use app. 


Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

Get inspired with daily quotes! Quotes” allows you to create and view quotes on your mobile device.

35. TED tedapp

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

TED feeds your mind with their world renowned TED Talks. Get inspired by some of these great speakers.

36. Streaks

Available On: IOS | Cost: $3.99

Much like the organizers above, this app helps you turn your to-do list into daily habits. Set reminders that will last a lifetime with this app! 

37. Way of Life

Available On: IOS | Cost: Free

Here is another great reminder app! This app turns your activities, or the activities you want to do, into a way of life.

38. CheckMark Goals

Available On: IOS | Cost: Free

Checkmark also helps you complete your daily goals by setting reminders. Remind yourself to do everything.


39. ShopSavvy

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

Diva on a budget? ShopSavvy is your go-to when looking the lowest price on the items you want. You can scan barcodes to what other major retailers are pricing for the items you want.

40. FidMe

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

Keep all of your coupons and loyalty cards together with FidMe. This app makes it easier for you to save on the items you love at the places you love to shop at. 

41. CloudMagic

cloudmagicAvailable On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

CloudMagic collectively gives you all of your emails from different accounts to one app. It’s great for people with multiple emails. 

42. Trello

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

Trello is a like a bulletin board with everything you could think of. Create to do lists and share them with your team or friends. 

43. PayPal

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

PayPal is known for its conveniently easy money transferring capabilities. Many online retailers accept PayPal as a form of payment. It’s great if you don’t like using your banking information online!

44. Spendbook

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

Spendbook tracks where your money is going. If you are the type of person who has a habit of swiping your bank card, this app may be of use to you!

45. Venmo

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free 

Venmo partners with PayPal to pay for your friend’s drinks, meals, even rent. It also makes it easier for people to pay you as well. 

46. Inbox Dollars

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free 

Inbox Dollars is an app that helps you save money in order for you to spend money! Earn money on the side by doing surveys, watching videos, amongst many more. Members have earned over 30 Million dollars since opening.

47. AppTrailers

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

Earn points for watching trailers and app advertisements. Your points are redeemable for prizes and cash!

48. GoalTracker

goaltracker Available On: Android | Cost: Free

Achieve success with GoalTracker. Set goals for the anticipating week, month or even year.

49. Snapette

Available On: Android | Cost: Free

Snapette provides you with over a million different products all in one app. You can compare prices and shop for selective brands. It’s a great app for bargain hunting!

50. Meditation Helper


Available: Android | Cost: Free 

This app lets you set a timer for the amount of time you would like to meditate throughout the day. It’s very easy and helps motivate you to meditate through the day.

51. Acorn

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: $1.00 per month

Acorn is an app unlike most! By monitoring your account, it allows you to invest your spare change from the transactions you make throughout the day. You don’t need a lot of money to invest!

52. SigFigsigfigapp

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

You can create different investment strategies by letting SigFig pull all of your investments onto one dashboard. SigFig helps you optimize your earning potential.

53. Yahoo! Finance

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

With Yahoo! Finance, you are able to get personalized news updates. You can also follow stocks that are most important to you. Yahoo! Finance dishes out real time information and investment updates.

54. Benzinga

Available On: IOS | Cost: Free

Get access to trending social updates, financial news and even auto-updating market data. Benzinga is free and easy to use

55. Quicken

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

You can count on quicken to make smart financial decisions. Quicken shows you where your money is going. It can surely be a wake-up call for those of us who are spending our money of useless things.

56. Moneydance


Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

Much like Quicken, Moneydance allows you to make your finances mobile by giving account balance updates and transaction entries. You can enter your receipts and transactions in real time while you’re out and about.

57. Bloomberg


Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

Make Bloomberg your main source for financial and global news. Get the latest updates when it comes to market data and securities in your region.


58. IMAN Cosmetics

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free 
IMAN Cosmetics lets you try out different products for you face, lips, and eyes. IMAN’s premier brand of skincare and makeup provides you will all of your beauty needs. The best part is, you can try it out virtually with this app before you buy. 

59. Spruce

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free to download, $40 per visit
Sometimes we don’t have time for doctors visits. If you’re one of those people then take advantage of Spruce. You can take a picture of what you’re concerned about. Within 24 hours, a board-certified US dermatologist will contact you

60. Gilt

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

You can shop for top designers from the comfort of your own home. Shopping has just turned digital with this Gilt app. It also makes it easier to find certain items for a bargain of the cost. 

61. Think Dirty


Available On: IOS | Cost: Free

If you’re the type of person who cares abut what type of products enter your body and go on your skin, then this app is for you. Think Dirty allows you to scan the barcode of any beauty product to see the toxicity levels of its ingredients. Can’t find your most-used products on the list? You can submit your own reviews of makeup that is not found in their library.

62. OPI Nail

Available On: IOS | Cost: Free

Too lazy to stop and find a shade for your nails. OPI has definitely come to your rescue. With this app, you can try on any OPI Nail color wherever and whenever you want. Its truly a joy to have!

63. VSCO


Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

VSCO has some of the best filters out there. This is one of the best photo editors out there. There are many different features to choose from.

64. Photo Wonder

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

Photo Wonder is a photo editing app that is pretty easy to use. The functions on Photo Wonder are not hard to work with. On top of photo editing, you can even add makeup, contacts, or lashes!

67. Facetune

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: $3.99

FaceTune is great app when it comes to tweaking little things on your face in your photo. Whiten your teeth, hide pimples, and add filters with this cool app! 

68. StyleSeat

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

StyleSeat will save you the hassle of finding a good stylist. Find the best salons and barbershops on this app. You can even schedule an appointment.

69. DreamDry

Available On: IOS | Cost: Free

Founded by Rachel Zoe, DreamDry app is you go to spot to book appointments at the salon. If you’re in the Chicago area, get connected with some of the best hairstylist in the Gold Coast. 

70. Myavana


Available On: IOS | Cost: Free

Myavana allows you to share your hair care story with other women! It is a great way to find product that will actually work for your hair type.

71. ShadeScout


Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

Similar to IMAN Cosmetics and OPI Nail, ShadeScout lets you try on makeup in real time. You can try on real products that matches your skin tone!

72. Cocoa Swatches


Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

Sometimes it’s hard for women of color to find makeup shades that match their skin color. This app solves that problem by providing “swatches” of makeup colors (everything from lipstick to foundation) for different skin tones.

73. Shopkick

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

Don’t you hate buying something from your favorite department store and finding out seconds or days later there was a discount that could have totally went towards your purchase? Yeah, we do too and so do the people over at Shopkick. They decided to come up with an app that gives you rewards and offers as soon as you walk into a store. They are seriously the plug. 

74. Sephora


Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

For all of my makeup junkies, this is for you! Sephora has the best when it comes to shopping on your mobile device. You get access to Sephora Virtual Artist, where you can learn makeup techniques and make shopping lists. 

75. Glamsquad


Available On: IOS | Cost: Free to download

Sometimes it’s totally worth it to feel like a celebrity. Glamsquad let’s you do just that. With this app you can book high-quality beauty stylists and hair dressers to primp you in style at your home or office. Price of styling packages vary by city.

76. Keep Shopping


Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free to download

This app is literally a shoppable Pinterest. It’s list what’s fashions are trending and also allows you to steal the looks of your favorite street style mavens.

77. Pretty Quick

Available On: IOS | Cost: Free

You can instantly book a hair or nail appointment from one of the top salons in your area. This apps staying beautiful a breeze.

78. Bellashoot

Available On: IOS | Cost: Free

If you like discovering different products, beauty tips and tutorials, give Bellashoot a try. Get access to product reviews from other Bellas who use the app!

79. Bantu App


Available On: IOS | Cost: Free

Looking for a stylist that is experienced and can care for your natural locs or coils? Bantu App provides a rich rolodex of natural hairdressers in your area.

80. Mirror

Available On: Android, Windows & IOS | Cost: Free

Stop trying to use your front-facing camera as a mirror. With this app, you’ll get the true reflection you need to apply makeup or wipe the crumbs of your face with else. It even works in low lighting conditions.

81. Plum Perfect

Available On: IOS | Cost: Free

Plum Perfect has over 60,000 makeup products in their system. You’ll always find a perfect match for your skin tone with this app!


82. Clue

Available On : Android & IOS | Cost: Free

Keep track of Mother Nature’s visits with this app! It also tracks PMS and the days you are most likely to get pregnant! 

83. Black Owned Businesses

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free 

This app was created by Black Trade Lines, a digital company that empowers African-American owned businesses. Use this app to find Black owned businesses in your area.

84. MyPill

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free 

Never miss a pill with MyPill. This app also keeps track of your period, days you were intimate, and appointments for you feminine health! 

85. Coffee Meets Bagel

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free 

If you haven’t already heard of CMB, it is a dating app where you are paired up with peope based on the connections you have with mutual friends. Say goodbye to random creeps messaging you — the only people who can contact you are people you’ve matched with.

86. Grocery Gadget

Available On: IOS | Cost: Free

Build a shopping list that you can use over and over again. This app even allows you to share this app so you can stop calling people when you’re at the grocery store.

87. GrubHub

Platform: Android & IOS | Cost: Free (Food is not, however)

Anytime and anywhere, GrubHub allows you to order food at your convenience. GrubHub lets you save past orders too, so you can easily order your favorite meal.

88. Overnight


Available On: IOS | Cost: Free

Did you just book a spontaneous trip three towns over but realize you have nowhere to stay (affordably)? Overnight allows you to book a last-minute stay with local hosts in your area. For those moments when you decide to travel without lodging plans in sight and you need a place to crash….

89. Companion

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

Never worry about walking home alone again with this app. With Companion, you enter your destination and contacts you would like to be your companion, and the app will allow them to view where you are on a map (they don’t need the app installed). If you start running, drop your phone, or if you headphones are yanked out, Companion will check on you. They will contact your companions if you don’t reply.

90. Yummly

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

Indulge in all of your food cravings with Yummly. You’ll always find a recipe on Yummly that suites your taste buds. 

91. AroundMe

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

How many times have you been in an area that you weren’t too familiar with? AroundMe shows you what’s near you. From gas stations, banks, even restaurants. Never feel unfamiliar with an area again. 

92. Reddit

reddit app
Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

Reddit has all of the trending stories you can ever need. There is also a community for everything you can think of.

93. Uber


Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

Uber gets a dependable ride in minutes without reservations. Take it for a girls night out! 

94. Lyft

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

Lyft is another reliable taxi service. It is also affordable!

95. Booking


Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

Receive instant confirmations, offline maps and paperless check-ins whenever you book with Booking app.

96. Eve by Glow

Available On: IOS | Cost: Free

This is a great app for women who want to take control of their sexual lives. Track your period, ovulation, and dates your most likely to get pregnant so that you and your partner can work towards beginning a family.

97. Aunt Flo Period Tracker

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: 1.99

This is also a period tracker app but it helps take the pain out of that “time of the month”. Aunt Flo has a beautiful material design that helps you track when your next period is coming. It also notifies your partner so they are aware of any mood changes that might occur (and any food cravings they can assist you with). The app is funny and bold and worth trying out.

98. ShopStyle

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

You can search for selective brands and compare prices. For those of us who love to shop on the go, this is for us!

99. Whim

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 6.55.00 PM

Available On: IOS | Cost: Free

Have you ever sat in your room talking to your friend trying to figure out where to go on a Friday night? The Whim app helps you discover what’s the best “move” by showing you in real-time what a party is like before you get there. Yep — no more wasting your time and money on not-so-fun events. Find great urban events in your area with this powerful socialization tool.

100. Yelp

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free

If you aren’t Yelping yet then you are missing out. This review-app helps you uncover the best and worst things about potential restaurants, stores, and services that you search for in your city. This app works best in urban cities and the ratings are invaluable when it comes to helping you make the right decisions in where to go next.

101. The Devoted Diva

 Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 7.01.23 PM
Available: Online | Cost: Free

Ask many accomplished people what brought them success and you’ll find that a lot of them credit their faith. The Devoted Diva is an online service that helps the ambitious and business-driven woman connect with her faith in a convenient way. Teaching you all the things you didn’t learn in Sunday school, The Devoted Diva works to help you create a life of spiritual freedom as you focus on your career grind.

102. Doorman

Available On: Android & IOS | Cost: Free to download; service plan required to use 

This is a must have for anyone who has troubles reeving packages at their homes (like apartment dwellers in NYC!) or have had their packages stolen from their doorstep. Doorman acts as a proxy for package delivery and allows you to provide an alternate address for your packages to be delivered to. You receive a notification once the package has been picked up by your doorman and you can also have your doorman deliver your package to you when you are home in the evening. Even though the app is free to download, you must activate a payment plan which ranges from $3.50 pay-as-you-go options to a $30 per month option.

103. GURU

Available On: IOS | Cost: Free 

Have you been in search of a mentor to help you get a leg up in your career but have had a hard time finding one? Look no more. GURU is a mobile mentorship app geared towards millennials. Users can sign up via LinkedIn, set a timeline for their life or career goals, and be matched with experienced mentors based on shared interests. With this app you have the opportunity to receive effective real-world advice from a flexible network. Now that’s what we call a hook up!

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