Your Summer Workout Playlist


Need a little something to kick your fitness into high gear? Everyone knows a workout is much more bearable when you’re pacing yourself to the tunes and songs perfect for summertime. We’ve got the best artists and songs for your type of workout.

If you’re a RUNNER: Try Destiny’s Child and Danity Kane. There’s no doubt about it, running is an almost completely mental sport. For this workout regimen, be sure to crank up tunes from girl power groups like Destiny’s Child and Danity Kane. Songs like “Survivor” and “Show Stoppin’” will bring good vibes and drive to your mid-mile slump. Sure, these tunes may be a little dated, but there’s nothing like a blast-from-the-past stamina boost.

If you’re into YOGA: Try Sade and Erykah Badu. Yoga is as much a spiritual workout as it is physical. Chill out while you hit your favorite poses to songs eloquently sung by our neo-soul divas Sade and Erykah Badu. Grooves like “By Your Side ” and “On and On”. Give the traditional and ancient form of exercise new life with the sweet and soulful melodies of these sistas in your ear. Namaste.

If you’re a DANCER: Try Beyonce and Rhianna. There’s arguably no better way to work off those pounds than to shake what your momma gave you. If Zumba or your cookie-cutter Jazzercise class aren’t cutting it, give the songstresses of sass a try. Take half an hour to try out your best moves along to “Dance for You” and “Talk That Talk” and you’ll be sure to get to your goal of summertime fine.

If you’re a GYM GIRL: Try Drake and Wale. Break up that all-too-familiar gym monotony with a little music from the boys. “Make Me Proud” and “Lotus Flower Bomb” are perfect for that stint on the elliptical. Let these handsome lady-killers be your motivation while you work on maintaining your curves. If you’re imaginative enough, they could even be your personal trainers (we wish).

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