If You’re Going To Wear A Women’s Bomber Jacket, It Better Fit

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A bomber jacket is the absolute must-have of the coming season. Many designers have even dubbed it the “a jacket of a new generation,” emphasizing the fact that it is women’s bomber jacket that you can combine with almost any clothing and look just great each time. Have you already bought a bomber jacket? It’s high time to rectify this mistake and pay attention to Choiss bomber jackets that will help you create elegant and unhacked images. They will inspire you for exclusive solutions and stylish ideas. Let’s discuss in detail the specificity of a bomber jacket.

How Has a Jacket of a Bomber Pilot appeared in Women’s Wardrobes?

The bomber jacket is a jacket with a very interesting story. It was “invented” in the 1920s by the participants of the flying club, founded by the Douglas brothers. The pilots of the bomber aircraft were interested in the innovation because the special garment perfectly protected them from strong gusts of wind that tormented the pilots in the open cockpit. That is why it is called a “bomber jacket.” Later bomber jackets appeared in American colleges and universities, and they are still being worn by student-athletes and cheerleaders. Nowadays, both young girls and respectable ladies who are not afraid to experiment with daily looks wear different types of bomber jacket.

How to Wear a Bomber Jacket?

You can wear a bomber jacket with anything you want, starting with skirts of various styles (tube skirt, mini and midi skirts), pants, jeans (starting with skinny to boyfriend), shorts, dresses (starting with a cocktail to knitted ones). The color palette is also diverse, so you can choose calm monochromatic shades, more classic dark or bright unusual prints.

The main thing is to maintain the same style and achieve harmony of fabrics and textures. Depending on the selection of a bomber jacket and accessories to it, you can freely create different images. Besides, don’t forget about shoes, for example, if it’s necessary to adhere to a business style, then you should better put on court shoes or heels, and if you like sportswear, then sneakers will become a good option.

How to Choose the Right Size?

If you have never worn a bomber jacket and don’t know how it should fit, then you need to decide on several important moments. First of all, you should decide whether you want to use it only as outerwear or you are going to wear it indoors. You should know what clothing size you actually have. For example, you wear a medium size. You should try your actual size first and then put on a size smaller or larger, depending on your feelings. A smaller size can look more flattering when it is unzipped, and your true size can look a bit big to you, especially the sleeves. However, decide whether you plan to wear it zipped or unzipped and what clothes you are going to wear underneath. For example, you want to wear it with a sleeved top or, on the contrary, only sleeveless blouse or shirts. The main thing is that you should feel comfortable in it and like your reflection in the mirror.

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