Why Your Business Needs A Call Automation App

Communication with your clients and leads is incredibly important. However, it’s also incredibly time-consuming. Calling, leaving messages, returning calls, and following up on the phone can take you away from other things that you could be doing to grow your business. Not to mention, you also need to make sure that you keep track of who you’ve called and who you need to call back. 

The good thing is, it’s now easier to automate a lot of these tasks so that you don’t have to do them. By using an automated calling service, you can make sure that your customers get the information they need without having you or your team spend time calling each person individually. Certain services can also call numbers for you, and send out notifications to your team to let them know when a call is returned or when a return call is due. Here are some other ways that your business can benefit from using a call automation app. 

Connecting With Leads

The last thing you want to do is let potential sales slip through your fingers. Managing your leads is incredibly important, but managing the details can be time-consuming. For example, you should be making notes on every interaction, and making sure that you don’t miss any follow-up calls. With an automated service, you can set it to remind you or your sales team of needed follow-ups, and it will dial the number automatically as well. Once the information is in the system, you don’t have to worry about missing an appointment. Instead of organizing and calling, you can spend more time actually talking to your customers and building relationships with them. 

Automated Reminders for Clients

If you’ve got a lot of clients and you need to remind them regularly of things like appointments, you certainly don’t want to spend all your time calling them. However, by using an automated system, you can send out their reminders with ease. Once they have set their appointment, either online or over the phone, the system will automatically set itself to call a specified amount of time ahead of the appointment. Then, when that time comes, it will call them with a standard message that they have an appointment in the near future. You don’t have to think about it, and the customer will be happy for the reminder. Those messages can also be customized with the time and date so that there is no confusion. 

Mass Phone Calls

Sometimes you might have information that you want to get to all of your clients in a hurry. Perhaps it’s a sale, or a last-minute change to store hours. Whatever it is, calling them all individually would make very little sense. However, a phone blast to all of your customers using a standard message would do the trick quite nicely. 

It doesn’t matter how many customers you have. Your phone call will go to everyone so that your message is heard and they will get the opportunity to act. Many of these calls will end up with voicemail. The great part is, with carefully planned messages, there’s no room for misinformation. You can tell them exactly what they need to know, and they can refer back to it on their voicemail if need be. There’s no opportunity for misunderstandings or other quirks of phone conversation that can make things confusing. 

Employee Relations

An automated phone system does not only have to be used for customer interactions. You can use it with your employees too. You can get information out to everyone in a timely manner, and provide them with a window to respond if need be. For instance, if there is something happening with the workplace, such as an unexpected closure, you can let everyone know without having to make many phone calls yourself. Or, if there is a gap in the staffing schedule or there is an unexpected need for more people on-site, you can send out a call to hopefully recruit some help. Whatever information you need to impart to your staff, you can get it done fast. 

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