Why You Need More ‘Me’ Time

There are days when I just want to chuck my cell phone in the trash. A simple vibration will set off the feeling, my frustrations stemming from the intrusion of technology during my few stolen moments of peace.

Just thinking about all the things I have to do in a day (it never ends right?) can be exhausting. As I sift through the phone calls I have to make, the meetings I still need to set up, and the bills that need to get paid, I often wonder when will I have time for myself?

Never, if I don’t create it.

Life is going to make a zombie out of me, if I don’t find time to breathe. It’ll do the same to you too.

metimeI realized that I was tired of hopelessly roaming. I was tired of taking 20-minute power naps in between meetings and scrounging down unhealthy snacks because I didn’t have the time to cook a meal. I was tired of watching myself fail at personal commitments (read the Bible daily or finish that freakin’ workout video) because of the same damn excuse: “I just can’t find the time”. But then I began to wonder – well, how have I found the time to make all these other mundane things fit into my life? How have I not found the time to take care of me?

I mean seriously! Can a girl time for a bubble bath every now and then? Bump a team meeting.

Woe is she, the overachiever. The career-minded woman who just can never seem to find balance in her life. Sigh.

Well, I decided  in that  very moment when I wanted to rip the battery out of my cell phone that I’m not standing for this ish any longer. It’s making me lose sleep and enlarging the black circles under my eyes.

I need more ‘me’ time. You need more ‘me’ time. We need more time to ourselves.

See without it, we aren’t able to function as efficiently as we like to. Yes, we’re grinding day in and day out – but we aren’t grinding. Responsibilities build up, creating that spillover work that follows us home and haunts us in our dreams. It messes with our relationships, pulling us farther away from the ones we love. Most importantly, it drains us, making us lose our wit, inner spark, and even — yes, you guessed it — our libido. Every one knows what a girl gets like when she’s sexually frustrated….Woman Reading a Book

This is why every girl deserves, no, needs her ‘me’ time. It’s advised that you carve out at least one day a week that is devoted to you. However, I suggest you carve out at least an hour or two a day that gives you the time you need to rest up and supercharge. Whether that’s watching your favorite television show (Scandal, anyone?) , divulging in your favorite meal (southern-style chicken with macaroni and cheese, yum!),  or unwinding with a new book, that quality time you spend with yourself should be non-negotiable. “Me” time makes us better people. Not only does it refuel us with energy, but also it gives you the clarity you need to center yourself with your passion and purpose. A cluttered mind cannot create thoughts of success. Give it time to purge so that you can see clearly.

I hope you’ll choose this moment right now, if you have not already, to begin re-centering yourself in your life. It’s time to celebrate you more. How will you spend your “me” time this week? How will you show yourself that you care?

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