Why Nit-Picking Nina Needs to Be Dumped From Your Crew

friendWe all have groups of friends that we hang with all the time: your own little clique that you’re always with. When you and your friends walk down the street, you’re the girls that everyone’s look at. You’re laughing it up and having a good time.  Through late night calls about the lady who took your parking space or early morning texts that consists of “WAKE UP, LET’S GO TO THE MALL!”, our lady friends are always there to pick you up when you need them most. They’re there to offer their opinions, especially when it comes to your relationships.  Your girlfriends have your back when your relationship seems to be up on cloud 9 and when it seems like hell.

But in every group, there is that one friend that you hang with that’s always nit-picking at every little thing you do. Usually she’s the one constantly offering negative feedback to criticizing everything you do in life. She’s taken it upon herself to be both your therapist and mama, dropping the phrases like, “Yea girl, you gotta hit the gym a little bit more before you can wear a dress like that” or “That hair-do would look better on me.”

Let’s call her “Nit-picking Nina”. Don’t you just hate that chick?

Don’t get me wrong, Nina is the type that is probably funny, charming, and brings some type of excitement to the party, but she often has something disapproving  to say and we often can’t tell because her rudeness is super embedded in who she is. Causing more problems than solving them, Nina is the reason for your repeated mood changes or down in the dump days. This friend is toxic and is unhealthy for your personal self-worth. That’s why it’s important to know how to handle a friend like this (or dump her entirely from your crew).

Why, you ask?

This friend causes stress and everyone knows stress can take a toll on you both physically and mentally. Try and think of stress free ways to enjoy your night even though your friend is constantly on your back. There are bigger things to stress about than poor Nina.

This friend can (and will) give you horrible and pointless advice that doesn’t help you or the situation out. I say weigh out the pros and cons of what she has to say and in the end go with your gut feeling. At the end of the day, you’ll be the one paying for the choices you make, not Nina.

The best way to rid negativity from your life is to cut it off completely  Before totally ditching one of your good friends, sit poor Nina down and give it to her straight. Tell her that she’s not being a very good friend by constantly demeaning you or nit-picking at your life and that she should be more supportive of your decisions. If poor Nina can’t take criticism well than she shouldn’t be involved in your life.

Just remember to keep those who you care about close to you. It is great to have friends to hang with and share your problems with but those friends should be a positive influence on your life, not the other way around.

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