4 Reasons Why MVHR Is the Best Solution for Office Spaces

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We are all expecting a return to offices very soon and more people are starting to look at advanced ventilation solutions, which is a great idea. Not only do businesses owe it to their employees, but there could be some new regulations introduced to improve air quality and ventilation for office spaces and commercial buildings. Either way, Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems are one of the best ventilation solutions and one that all business owners should consider. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why MVHR could be the best solution for your office.

It Could Improve Morale and Productivity

Did you know that switching to an MVHR system could help boost the productivity of your employees? One study found that a high concentration of carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and poor ventilation was correlated with lower cognitive performance in employees. The study, which was conducted by Harvard, found that employees who were moved to an office with better air quality were able to increase their cognitive scores by 40% in just one day.

Quality of air improves focus, attention, and the mood of your employees. Not only that, but poor air quality can lead to more people missing work because of sick days. An investment in air quality is an investment in both your employees and your business.

Lower Overhead Costs

Having MVHR ultimately means that you’ll be spending a lot less on heating and air conditioning. These are two of the biggest operational expenses for businesses. It has been estimated that the average medium business in the UK can spend as much as £5000 per year on electricity, and a lot of it is spent on these two functions. Turning to an MVHR system could instantly go towards your bottom line.

Low Upfront Costs

Not only will you be able to save in the long run, but MVHR systems are often much less expensive than other solutions, provided that your building is a good fit. The market is more competitive now with more suppliers, which has further pushed prices down.

If you need help choosing the right unit, BPC Ventilation offers a wide selection of products. They will be able to look at your premises and see exactly which type of system you should install based on your budget and needs.

Improve Your Image

People are more critical of corporations’ impact on the environment nowadays, and this is only going to continue. This is why you should consider having a clear green initiative in place, and going for MVHR is the perfect start. This is one green change that will contribute to your business’s profitability, which will allow you to invest in other areas that may not have as much of a direct impact.

MVHR is without a doubt one of the best ventilation options for any commercial building or office. We suggest that you look into them more in depth and don’t hesitate to speak with a professional if you need any clarifications.

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