Who We’re Watching: Elle Varner

Ever since she sang into our lives with her catchy tune “Refill”, Elle Varner is our girl.

This SoCal siren, now a resident of Brooklyn, is definitely on our list of Must Have Albums. Varner isn’t exactly new to the game. During her younger years, Varner was writing and playing her own music.  Varner soon became a pro at the guitar, piano, the drums and flute and prides herself in her musical talent. Her talent and poise landed her a gig as being one of the first artists to be featured on BET Music Matters campaign in 2010.

If you haven’t gotten “Perfectly Imperfect”, Varner’s debut album, stop by the store on your way to work tomorrow. The album boasts feel-good tunes like “Only Wanna Give It To You” featuring J. Cole and “So Fly”.  You’re guaranteed to make this album your spring soundtrack.

Still not sold on Elle? Shame on you. Here are a few more reasons why she’s worth a listen (on repeat, of course).

SHE’S GOT HER OWN STYLE YOU CAN’T HELP BUT LOVE: From her perfectly pretty nose ring to her big hair, Varner stays herself with a bohemian wardrobe highlighted by comfortable but cute pieces.

SHE’S THE PERFECT SOUND TO CRUISE TO: Need some music for the road or to spice up a dull morning commute to school? Varner’s upbeat melodies and soulful voice is the perfect thing to get your girl power senses all revved up.

SHE’S SOMETHING NEW: Who doesn’t love a fresh face? Varner is one of the artists bringing back the sistas you can groove to and learn from. She has something to say in her music and we definitely want to hear it.

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