Who Influences Your Style?

When it comes to personal style, we’re all influenced in different ways. Some of us will look back to history, some of us will stick to a set theme, and some of us will just change our minds as quick as the seasons go by. But it’s all good fun. And it’s safe to say that no matter where you look to for your fashion inspiration, people will influence you too. But who?


Right now, influencers are everywhere. And if you have any kind of social media, which we’re assuming that you do, you’ll see them. You probably engage with influencers all throughout the day. It’s hard not to see what they’re wearing and how they’re styling things. So you’ll probably find that you get a lot of your fashion inspiration this way.

Fashion Designers

Next, you may find yourself looking to the catwalks. And you may not even know that you’re doing it. Whether you lean towards different trends you can see filter down into high street stores or you covet different looks in fashion magazines, it’s the designers that have hooked you. So maybe it’s their tastes that take your fancy.


And of course, last but not least, you will find that celebrities can really have a say in what kind of styles that you like. Again, you follow them on social media, you read about them online, and you’ll often hold many of them as your style icons. And when they adopt a new trend, like the onesie trend in the infographic below, you may adopt it too!

Infographic Design By Animalsluxury



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