Which Is the Best Pre-Workout CBD Capsule?

cbd can improve quality of life

CBD is used for many reasons, ranging from a general multi-purpose dietary supplement to a sleep aid. Another popular reason that people look to CBD supplements is as a pre-workout boost, helping to provide your body with the fuel that it needs to hit your goals.

There are many potential benefits to taking CBD before a workout, both mental and physical. Some people find that CBD acts as a motivator, providing the mental push that you need to achieve your fitness goals. CBD is also used as a supplement to help support you physically, helping you feel better and aid any injuries you might be struggling with.  

CBD oil tinctures might be what most people think of when they picture CBD supplements. However, the hassle that comes with oils is not always a suitable pre-workout when you just want something quick and straightforward. Luckily, CBD capsules pack many of the same benefits as CBD oils, only in a small, convenient, and easy to consume package.

There are many CBD capsules available when shopping both online and in your local health food stores. However, not all capsules are designed as a pre-workout supplement. Finding the right capsules to support your fitness goals is essential in order to get the most from both your workout and CBD.

So, where can you find the best CBD capsules and start pushing your workouts to the limit? 

#1. Provacan

Provacan is a great pick as a pre-workout CBD supplement with three different concentrations of capsules to choose from. You can tailor your CBD intake to suit your body easily. The CBD capsule options include 6mg, 24mg, and 96mg capsules. 

One of the things that really helps Provacan’s CBD capsules stand out from many of the other options that you might find online is the fact that they so closely resemble the CBD oil tinctures. Unlike many brands, Provacan has worked hard to keep its capsules as natural and straightforward as possible.

Provacan uses just three ingredients to create its CBD capsules: Organic coconut oil, cannabis sativa (L) extract, and pullulan capsule. As a result of using so few ingredients, Provacan has been able to keep its capsules natural and straightforward, meaning that they can easily be combined with other CBD products and supplements.

Transparency is essential at Provacan. They make the full lab reports from all of their third party testing available before shopping. For those following a strict workout diet, seeing these reports means that you always know exactly what you are putting into your body and can factor it into your plan.

#2. PureKana

PureKana has three different CBD pills, with each one designed with a particular purpose in mind. PureKana’s AM CBD capsules contain a healthy burst of CBD as well as caffeine, and vitamins B1, B6, and B12, making them the perfect pre-workout motivator.

Each capsule contains 15mg of PureKana’s famous CBD formula, rich in the cannabinoids that your body needs before a workout. PureKana’s capsules come in pots of 30 and offer excellent value for money, ensuring that you always have your pre-workout treat ready.

PureKana uses a blend of vegetable cellulose and rice extract to form the coating of their capsules, working to keep them as natural and healthy as possible. PureKana is another fantastic brand that believes in providing its customers with as much information as possible, making it easy for customers to access full lab reports so that their capsules can accurately form part of your workout diet.

PureKana also has more general-purpose CBD capsules that contain 25mg of CBD for those who prefer a slightly higher dose without the addition of caffeine.

#3. Extract Labs

Extract Labs’ full-spectrum soft gel capsules are the ideal way to fuel your body with all of the cannabinoids, minerals, and vitamins that you need to keep moving and motivated. Each capsule is packed with 33mg of full-spectrum CBD that has been thoroughly tested to ensure it contains no more than 0.3% THC.

Extract Labs’ uses the same popular CBD formula that can be found in its oil tinctures. A combination of USA-grown, CO2-extracted, full-spectrum hemp oil and organic fractionated coconut oil come together to form the base of Extract Labs’ soft gels. This natural and healthy blend is ideal for those looking to use CBD capsules alongside other CBD supplements.

The soft gel coating used by Extract Labs makes these capsules quick and easy to swallow, slotting seamlessly into your pre-workout routine. The secure and discreet packaging also means that you can take Extract Labs’ capsules with you wherever you go and do not have to worry about making a mess or drawing attention.

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