When is the Best Age to Become a Mother?

It’s a question that’s been asked more than once: “What is the best age to become a mother? Before or after 30?” Whereas everyone’s situation is unique, there are some pros and cons becoming a mother at different stages in life.

Age 20-25

Women who give birth during this age range experience easier labor and an easier time losing the baby weight afterwards. Youth is also on your side when it comes to handling the sleepless nights and your higher energy level is likely to make you a fun parent. However, finding friends your age with children will be a challenge, not many women in this group are ready for dirty diapers. Also, many women who become mothers during this time are less financially stable and have fewer resources than those who wait.

Age 26-30

Assuming your body is healthy and you are relatively fit, conception should occur with no problem. Like your younger counterparts, you are likely to have an easy labor and have no problems losing the baby weight. You are more settled and better off financially than younger mothers. Finding friends who are also mothers is relatively easy as 25 is the average age of first time moms in the U.S.


For the last twenty years the number of women who wait until their thirties to have children has skyrocketed. Although some studies have shown that babies of younger 30 something mothers don’t have any more medical issues than those of younger women, there is an increased risk for pregnancy complications, birth defects and miscarriage. Most women in established relationships and careers and have access to the resources needed for motherhood. Also your friends are likely to also have children (sometimes more than one) so advice and support tend to be plentiful.

35 and beyond

Fertility begins to decline at age 30 and by 35 the biggest obstacle may be getting pregnant. If pregnancy is achieved (either naturally or with some help from science), babies born to this group are at a higher risk for low birth weight, chromosomal defects or still birth.  While advances in medical science have made pregnancies for women in this age range safer, the probability for complications is higher than for any other group. Although more and more women are becoming mothers later in life, there is still a stigma attached with older first time mothers, and you may experience some strange looks from others. However you are confident and bring a wealth of life time experience to motherhood which could make you a better parent.

Ultimately the best time to become a mother is when you are ready!

When did you or when are you planning to become a mother? How is age a factor for you? Discuss!


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