What to Know About Insurance Policy Coverage for Rental Cars?

Car Insurance

Auto owners choose insurance policies according to the benefits outlined in the policies. A common service included in the policies is roadside assistance, but owners with full coverage have access to a rental car if their vehicle is totaled or won’t operate without vital repairs. When reviewing insurance for the vehicles, the owners must determine what costs are required of them after the accident.  

Can You Get a Rental Car From Your Insurer?

Auto owners who have comprehensive and collision coverage have access to rental car services if their vehicle is damaged in an auto accident. The insurance covers the fees and insurance for the rental car for a predetermined amount of time and offers a specific dollar amount to pay for the temporary vehicle.

However, the funds do not cover a more long-term rental agreement or any costs beyond the policy limit. If a victim incurred charges are a rental after an accident, the individuals should discuss all financial losses with their attorney. 

Seeking Monetary Losses From a Legal Claim

After an auto accident, victims try to start an insurance claim through the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier. If the claimant didn’t get coverage by the accountable driver, the auto owner may get coverage through their own policy and keep track of all auto accident-related expenses. The cost of the rental car is included in all financial losses for the victim even if their insurance covered all the fees.  

Do You Need Additional Insurance for the Rental Car?

Yes, once the coverage from the auto insurance policy is maxed out, the policyholder needs to purchase a new policy through the rental car company. The cost of the insurance is included in the legal claim when the court calculates damages, and the victim could receive compensation to cover the costs through a monetary award.  

Did You Incur Maintenance Costs for A Rental?

As outlined in the terms of the rental contract, the customer must bring the car in for certain maintenance services. If there are further maintenance or repair requirements beyond what is covered in the contract, the individual incurs additional costs. If the rental company doesn’t perform the services, the customer must take the car to a repair shop for the services and pay out of pocket for the expenses.  

What Happens If You Have An Accident in the Rental Car?

In the event that the individual gets involved in an accident in the rental car, the insurance should cover the cost of the repairs. However, if the customer caused the accident, the auto insurance could provide coverage for the damages and medical costs for all parties involved.

The coverage may offer replacement funds for the rental car to prevent further liabilities for the client and prevent the rental car companies from sustaining any additional financial losses. If the rental car was defective, the customer may have grounds to file a lawsuit and collect compensation for economic losses that happen in the rental car accident.  

After an accident in which their vehicle is too damaged, auto owners could have access to rental car services through their car insurance policies. Once the person receives the rental car, the insurer pays for the rental fees until the costs reach the maximum amount for the policy. Once the limit has been reached, the policyholder pays all additional fees for the rental and insurance coverage for the car. 

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