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What Are the Benefits of MVHR Systems?


Properties have become much more energy efficient over the last few years, with modern homes boasting better insulation and air tightness. While there are benefits to better insulation, such as less heat loss (making homes cheaper to heat and more eco-friendly), increased air tightness can have an alarming impact on our health due to poor air ventilation.

One way to counter poor airflow and quality is through the installation of an MVHR unit. But how can an MVHR system benefit us within our homes or our places of work?

Better Indoor Air Quality

An MVHR system uses fans and a heat exchanger to ensure that the old, stale air is extracted from the building while the heat exchanger takes the heat and reintroduces it into the building, preventing heat loss. This continuous supply of fresh air helps restore air quality so that there is no build-up of air pollution within the building, without the worry of having to reheat the fresh, new air that is pumped back in.

There are many health concerns when it comes to poor air quality, such as an increased risk of lung cancer. This circulation of new air is also advantageous for those who suffer from allergies, especially in the spring and summer months when pollen is rampant and can become stuck to furniture and carpeting. The constant air circulation can remove the pollen or dust frequent enough so that your air supply is less likely to cause an allergic reaction. An MVHR could also help asthma suffers. You can read more here.

Humidity Control

All property owners fear condensation and the effects it can have on the building. Condensation can lead to rot, mould and fungus, but an MVHR system can help control the moisture and condensation within your home due to the steady ventilation. Ventilation is essential within a bathroom due to the excess moisture caused by a warm shower or bath. As well as serious health issues, poor ventilation can cause a build-up of mould and damage the appearance of your home.

Improved Comfort

Many of us open windows or doors when we want to ventilate our homes and eliminate bad odours. However, an MVHR system refreshes the indoor air without us having to disturb the peace and quiet of our homes. This is essential and beneficial for homeowners living in a loud and busy urban area, or in the height of summer when midges and flies can drift into our homes.

Lower Bills through Increased Energy Savings

As mentioned, an efficient and well-maintained MVHR system recovers and reuses the air within our homes without any heat loss. Therefore, property owners do not have to worry about high energy bills. To get the best out of your MVHR system, however, you need to ensure that a trained professional like BPC Ventilation installs the MVHR unit properly, such as those at BPC Ventilation, so that you do not suffer any energy losses from performance gaps. MVHR systems provide constant air ventilation at a controlled rate, meaning you do not have to rely on the uncontrolled ventilation tactics of opening windows and doors. Whether you want to save money on energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint or suffer from allergies during the summer, a well-maintained MVHR unit can provide better air quality while saving you money

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