You May Not Know What Liposomes Are But They Are Great For Your Skin

Choosing the right skincare products can be so difficult because there is a huge amount of choice out there. When you are reading the labels on products, there may be a lot of terms that you don’t understand, and even though they all claim that their ingredients are the most successful, how do you tell which products are right for you?

Liposomes are a popular ingredient that you see in skincare products, but many people don’t know what they are or how they help your skin. When you are looking for different skincare products, Liposomes are always a great thing to look for because they help to deliver active ingredients to your skin, so they are more effective and you get relief from a number of different skin issues. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Liposomes and why you should be looking for skin products that contain them. 

The Skin Barrier 

Before you can understand what Liposomes are and how they benefit your skin, it is important to learn more about the skin barrier and the different layers that make up your skin. Your skin is made up of three layers; the epidermis, the dermis, and the subcutis. Each of these layers is different and has a very specific role to play. 

The epidermis is the upper layer of the skin that forms a protective barrier against the environment. The outer layer consists of dead skin cells while the lower layers of the epidermis are made up of lipids, which are fatty molecules in the skin. These lipids are very important as they help to maintain oil levels in the skin and stop it from drying out. 

The dermis and subcutis layers also contribute to the protective layer of the skin. However, when you use standard skin products, many of the vitamins and nutrients will not reach these lower layers of the skin and they will only affect the epidermis. But Liposomes help these active ingredients to penetrate further into the skin, making them a lot more effective. 

What Is A Liposome? 

A Liposome is a small spherical molecule that is capable of transporting vitamins and nutrients into the skin. Although the Liposome itself doesn’t have any skin benefits, it allows active ingredients to penetrate the skin more effectively. Many of the active ingredients in skin products are unable to make it through the outer layers of the skin, so they barely reach the epidermis, let alone the dermis or subcutis layers. Many ingredients will be broken down by enzymes as well, so they do not reach the skin cells intact. 

Liposomes are completely non-toxic and biodegradable, making them perfectly safe for skin. In Liposomal Skin Creams, they act as an effective delivery system so all of the vitamins and nutrients in the cream reach the right layers of the skin and absorb into the cells properly, so you see more benefits. 

What Are The Benefits Of Liposomes?

Using skin creams with Liposomes has a number of different benefits and they are far more effective than creams that do not contain Liposomes. 

Delivering Ingredients Deeper Into The Skin 

Many skin creams only affect the outer layer of the skin, which is largely made up of dead skin cells. Although this might give you short term relief from things like dry skin, it will not deal with the root of the issue. However, when you use Liposomes, skin soothing nutrients are delivered to the lower layers of the skin, helping it to trap moisture for longer. 

Slower Metabolism Of Ingredients 

When ingredients are delivered to your skin cells, they are metabolized and they are only effective until that metabolization has finished. This means that the benefits of many skin creams are incredibly short lived. But when those active ingredients are protected by Liposomes, they are not released until they reach the desired area. This means that none of the nutrients are wasted and they metabolize slowly for maximum effect. 

Fewer Applications Needed 

This targeted delivery of nutrients and the slow metabolization means that you need fewer applications of skin creams. This is a big benefit because overuse of products can lead to more skin issues. For example, oily skin can be caused by excessive moisturizing and too many products may block up the pores and lead to acne. But when you use products with Liposomes in, you can apply creams less often and avoid these issues. 

What Skin Issues Can Liposomes Solve? 

Liposomal skin creams are great for a number of different skin issues. If you are worried about protecting your aging skin, Liposomes are perfect. In order to fight the signs of aging, it is important to keep your skin hydrated, and Liposomal skin creams are the best way to do that. They can also deliver antioxidants and important vitamins, like vitamin C and vitamin A deeper into the epidermal layer of your skin so the anti aging benefits are increased. 

The increased moisture retention that you get from Liposomal skin creams also helps to tackle dry skin. When using other moisturizers on your skin, they will only add moisture to the upper layers of the skin but that moisture will not be retained, so the skin will continue to get dry. 

Liposomes have also been shown to help with more serious skin issues like eczema. Traditional moisturizers do not penetrate the skin very deeply and many of the active ingredients will be absorbed by the upper layers of dead skin. Although this will offer some relief, Liposomal creams will be far more effective at moisturizing the skin for longer, giving it time to heal. The longer metabolization times of the ingredients in Liposomal creams can also help to reduce irritation and provide long term relief. 

People with adult acne may also benefit from Liposomal skin creams. When treating acne, it is important to find creams that have anti-inflammatory properties but also ones with antibacterial ingredients to stop the infections that lead to breakouts. A Liposomal cream will deliver these ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin to get into the pores and fight infections while also reducing the size of spots with anti-inflammatory ingredients. Liposomal creams do not need to be applied as often, which means that pores are less likely to get clogged up by the product, which also reduces the chance of spots.  

How Do You Find Products With Liposomes?

Finding products with Liposomes in can be tough because manufacturers are not obliged to list them on the ingredients. In many cases, brands will put it on the packaging because it’s a big selling point, so always check to see if the products state that they contain Liposomes. If they don’t explicitly state it, that doesn’t mean that there are no Liposomes in there because they may be listed as something else. Look out for ingredients like phospholipids, lecithin, phosphatidylethanolamine and phosphatidylinositol as well. 

Although Liposomes themselves do not have any benefits, they act as an effective delivery system for other ingredients. This means that all of the vital vitamins and nutrients that you find in any skin products reach the lower layers of your skin and they are more effective. No matter what kind of skin products you are looking for, whether it’s anti-aging creams, moisturizers, or acne treatments, they will always be more effective if they contain Liposomes. 

Take a look at all of the skin products that you have at home and see whether they contain Liposomes or not. If they don’t, it’s worth switching them out for ones that do and you will notice a huge difference in the way that your skin looks and feels. 

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