Wedding Budget 101: How To Find Cheap Wedding Invitations

Don’t break the bank for your wedding day.

Invitations are the prelude to your wedding and therefore, they need to be perfect. It will set the tone for your wedding and the reception so there is a certain pressure to get it right before you send it out to your family and friends.

In all honesty, we know that weddings incur a lot of costs, and all for good reason. However, invitations can be expensive too and sometimes the prices can be unreasonable. But it isn’t that wise to spend a lot of money on invitations at the cost of tightening your money on other parts of your wedding.

There are a lot of ways that you can have cheap wedding invitations that still scream out amazing and even expensive. Easy DIY’s that you can do yourself are easily available everywhere. If you are not into DIY there are still a lot of options that you can look into.

These are some tips to find cheap wedding invitations:

Look around online

Nowadays, there are a lot of creatives who have harnessed the power of the internet to showcase their creative outputs. There are actually a lot of people who get their invitations online. This will cost you less than hiring a designer who will start from scratch to create your design. With all the many options that you have online from websites like greenenvelope, you will surely find one that your heart will desire.

Browse first carefully and look through all your options before deciding on one. Chances are you might find something better by simply looking through the next page of a certain website. Do not be afraid that you are not finding something that will match your taste since a lot of the templated designs have certain features that you can customize.

Getting templated designs is also easy because you just simply input all your information on their online forms and they will be the ones who will lay it out on the design. Talk about hassle-free!

Start looking early so that you can avail deals

You may be keeping a planner to make sure that everything is right on time and on schedule. The months and even years leading to a wedding can be stressful because of the timeline that you have to follow and the many things that you still need to deal with.

Schedule on your planner to start looking for invitations at least four months before your wedding day. It is advisable to start looking for invitations as soon as the important details are finalized. Ordering invitations early can get you amazing discounts and deals. There are also websites who offer discounts if you buy in bulk.

Printing your own invites

There are a lot of stores that charge you separately for the paper and printing separately. If you already have a chosen design that you paid for, you can print them on your own. You can buy cardstock at discount stores and then just bring these along with you to the printing place. One other option that you can do is that you can buy expensive paper and just have them printed on your own printer.

Remember that your paper and printer have to go together. Some paper that is too thick for your home printer will not go through. First, buy several sample papers that you can test print before deciding on one. Your design also will also look different in various kinds of papers. Buy papers that fit your budget and printer requirements and then find the best one that your wedding invite looks best in.

Instead of using traditional mail for the wedding invitations, you can use a cheaper alternative

There is no strict rule that wedding invitations have to be mailed. A lot of couples, for various reasons,  have chosen to go a different way when doing invitations. These are several options that you can consider if you opt not to go the traditional way in order to save some money.

Send a photo invitation instead

Are you familiar with Christmas cards? Or baby announcements? There are a lot of people who used a photo invitation as a way to send their wedding invites. Not only is it inexpensive but your guest can also use these as an automatic keepsake of you two.

One advantage of also using photo invitations is that people can easily keep this on their fridge so that they will always remember your upcoming day.

  • Send postcards. This will definitely save you money on postage. Not only is this inexpensive but it is also very creative that will leave an impact on people.
  • Send an email or personal message. Use social media to your advantage! In this age of social networking, sending wedding invitations via email or via a personal message is starting to become the norm. Sending an email also gives you great flexibility to work around your creativity because you don’t have to comply with strict templated layouts for your invitation.
  • Use a video. You can choose to have a video invitation where you will be personally appearing on their screen to invite them to your special day. This also adds a personal touch.
  • Don’t forget! Create a website that includes all the details and information that your guest will need to know about.

In the spirit of taking on the advances of technology, a website is also a creative and yet inexpensive way of letting people know about your wedding. You can put a lot of information on your wedding website like images,  videos, online forms for accommodation purposes, and even maps. Afterward, you can also use the website to upload all the wedding photos and videos so that everything is compiled in one place.

Skip the extras

When saving up on wedding invitations, it’s okay to forego other things that might incur additional charges. Examples of these are engagement announcements, registry cards, rehearsal dinner invites, Sunday brunch invites and other things that you might be planning. You can let people know this information through social media or email and just reserve wedding invites for the printing on papers. You do not need to have everything printed for the information of everyone. There are other inexpensive and easier ways to reach people nowadays.

You are planning for a marriage, not just a wedding event. It isn’t wise to spend your life’s savings in just one event. There are a lot of cheaper alternatives to some of the things that your wedding needs like invitations. Look around online for designs, start the preparation early to avail discounts, print them if you can, skip the extra programming and take advantage of the internet!

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