23 Weak Words Every BAUCE Women Should Eliminate From Her Vocabulary

What you say really can shape people’s first impression of you. The words we use can make or break any job interview or first date that you might snag. BAUCE women speak with confidence — and that’s why we’ve rounded up 23 “weak” words and common phrases that we think you should eliminate from your vocabulary. Without them in your life, you can more accurately convey your strengths and build up your confidence in the process!

These are the words to erase from your brain, starting NOW:

1. Nervous

Even if you’re nerves are gnawing at your insides, no one wants to work with, hire, or be with a person that locks confidence or self-esteem.

2. Need

Don’t make it all about what you need. Instead, talk about other’s needs, and what you can do to help fulfill them with your abilities.

3. Fine

This word is overused, yet dismissive because of its vagueness and curtness. Instead, choose another word to honestly communicate what is really going on in your head.

4. “Good”

Again, the lack of personality and truth in that one word is killing us.

5. Sorry

Saying ‘sorry’ will not fix any problem—but talking about solutions will.

6. Um

‘Um’ is no more than a word used to fill the gaps in between sentences. Its use makes it seem like you have nothing to say and, furthermore, it makes you appear that you’re unsure of yourself.

7. Just

Using this word helps when one is afraid of coming on too strong, but can distract from what one is truly trying to say.

8. Really

For many, this word is a crutch for their adjectives. For them, it is used to convey emphasis, but in reality, it fails in this task because of its vagueness. ‘Really’ doesn’t tell us anything important about what is being said or is going on!

9. and 10. Things / Stuff

While one may have a perfectly clear understanding of what ‘things’ and ‘stuff’ they are referring to, do we as listeners?

11. Think

‘I think’ causes the listener to question the speaker’s knowledge, or even honesty, because of the doubt lingering behind those words.

12. Fair

Injustice happens every day— and to everyone! Removing “it’s not fair” from your brain will drive you to be proactive about life, instead of a complainer.

13. “No problem”

Though a casual phrase in reply to “thank you,” saying “no problem” negates a person’s appreciation towards your actions and removes the pleasure that one should convey after helping another out.

14. “I’ll try.”

With this, someone on the receiving end is more likely to do the task on their own than trust an incompetent person!

15. Maybe

Even if you are not sure about your ability to complete a task, this word also conveys a lack of incompetence.

16. Failed

In life, there are no failures—there are only situations in which you can learn for the future!

17. Money or Compensation

It’s not always about the money, people! Despite your financial situation, obsessing with the money aspect of anything will make you look cheap—and unworthy of a spot with the squad on the next Girl’s Night Out.

18. “No choice.”

Successful and strong people always see the options, even if they are not so clear.

19. Should

This word implies blame and, furthermore, one’s focus on mistakes of the past.

20. Could

Again, the last thing we want to do as speakers is linger over any situation. We want to move forward and think about what we can do next!

21. “Not how we do it”

In any place or situation, we should be looking to grow. Furthermore, this phrase eliminates any open-mindedness or innovation that can take place!

22. Lazy (and other related adjectives)

Choose your words carefully, as to avoid language that implies judgement, or even an attack, of any kind. If a complaint or issue must be brought up, do so with facts and neutrality.

23. Hate

Because all we need in life is a little bit of love! Plus “hate” is a strong term that should be used wisely (or solely reserved for your evil ex or that chick in high school who wore the same dress as you on prom night).

Did you just get rid of half your everyday vocabulary? Us too. Here are some words to use instead:

  • Learned
  • “I will”
  • Possible
  • Great
  • Passionate
  • Fun
  • Beautiful
  • Excellent
  • “My pleasure!”
  • Bold
  • Unique
  • “The pros and cons”
  • Striking
  • Distinguished
  • Creative

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