Vacationing During The Pandemic? Here’s What You Should Know

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As lock downs are easing, global travel has started to pick up. You might be stressed with life, which is why you’re thinking of going on vacation. No one would blame you, but keep in mind a couple of things. They’d keep you safe and allow for a smooth experience. 

Where Are You Going? 

You can’t travel as freely anymore due to two reasons. One of them would be that many countries aren’t letting tourists in. The other is that the location you’re interested in may be having high cases of COVID-19 so visiting it would get you sick. 

Travel websites have listed the top travel destinations during coronavirus. Exclusively sticking with names on these lists are what you should do. 

Get Tested

There’s no way you can fly without getting tested for the virus. The best time to get tested would be two mornings before you have to leave. Know that it can’t be results from 72 hours before your trip. 

You’re advised to print several copies of your results certificate, as forgetting them would lead to you not being able to board the plane. 

Once you’ve taken the test, when can you expect the results to come in? Usually within the day. 

Will You Be Flying Commercially?

On a commercial airplane, you’re surrounded by strangers. Although they’ve tested negative for COVID-19, there is a possibility of their results being false-negatives. You could easily avoid such a nightmare, and fly through a private flight. 

Believe it or not, renting a private flight anywhere is not as expensive as you’d think, especially thanks to the strain on the airline industry. The cost would also not be too bad if you’re flying with family – they can all chip in. 

If you’re going the commercial airline route, check each option out. Some names take extra effort to keep flights safe. You should be able to compare and contrast by going through their sites. 

Think About Quarantine 

Once you land, you’ll have to go into quarantine. This is true even if you’ve taken the vaccine. Make note of where you’ll be staying for the 14-days. 

After you return from your trip, you’d need to quarantine for 2 weeks as well.  

Be Smart with Activities 

What will you do on your trip? You can’t see the country like you’d want. Keep your family safe by staying away from super popular spots where people crowd. Be mindful of the time and day you visit too, as some hours and days can be busier than others. 

Don’t visit locations that are in towns that have been experiencing a high rate of COVID cases too.  

Don’t Be Irresponsible 

It’s great that you brought multiple masks with you. PPE can easily be disposed. But this doesn’t mean that you should be tossing them away at every turn. The masks could find their way to an animal’s mouth. 

Which of what we discussed do you think is the most important to remember?

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