Turk It: Thanksgiving Dinner Style

Thanksgiving is that special time of the year to give thanks, spend time with your loved ones, and eat lots of delicious food. Spending it with your boo and his family may be a little nerve-racking because you want to make a good impression and want to feel a sense of belonging. Your outfit can definitely be a huge factor. Here are some outfit ideas to wear at your boo’s house this Thanksgiving:


Knit sweater / VILA fringe jacket, $90 / Mango straight jacket / Nobody Denim high waisted jeans, $285 / Gucci high heel boots / Juicy Couture jewelry / Forever New drop earrings, $21 / Knit hat, $16 / House of Harlow 1960 round sunglasses / Lipstick Queen / Nail polish, $7.94
  1.  Sweater dress with leggings and heels: Sweater dresses are comfy, cute, and loose enough to fit all the food you plan on eating during dinner. If you pair it underneath with leggings or knitted tights, you will be good to go. Make sure that the dress is about knee length. As far as pumps, be modest. Don’t pull out the stilettos. Stay in a comfortable heel range, so that you’ll be able to keep your shoes on.
  2. Blazer with skinny jeans and boots: Blazers are very versatile and suitable for dinners. They come in a variety of styles and colors and a simple black or nude blazer will look sophisticated. Skinny jeans look nice with blazers and are a trendy addition to the blazer. The boots should pull the look together. They don’t have to be the fanciest boots, but they should look right with the rest of the outfit.
  3. A dress with a simple belt, tights and pumps: Dresses are a classic look for a dinner. A short sleeve dress would be nice because they are classy and feminine. You don’t have to go all out and buy a fancy dress if you’re just going to eat at his house. He’s already seen you in many forms so he won’t expect you to be over the top. A belt can add a little touch if you want to jazz the dress up a bit. Pumps are self explanatory, comfort is key.
  4. Cardigan, skinny jeans, and booties: Just like blazers, cardigans are also versatile. You can choose to wear a simple cardigan or a printed one. Pairing it with skinny jeans will be casual and stylish. Booties come in many different styles, so you can pull out some wedge booties, if you don’t want to wear flat boots or heels.
  5. Blouse, jeans, and boots: You can never go wrong with a blouse. Sheer blouses are sexy and classy when worn in good taste. Colored or denim jeans will pair well with a sheer top, depending on the color and style of the top. Knee length boots would add the finishing touch to this look.

Keep your style relaxed with flashes of embellishments. You don’t have to go all out for Thanksgiving dinner at your boo’s house.  The holiday is about being thankful for all the blessings that have crossed your path. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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