3 Valuable Things I’ve Come to Appreciate About True Love

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Do you believe in love?

True love is one of the most wonderful things in the world. To know that someone loves you just as much as you love them, if not more, is just amazing. You have someone who is going to stand by your side no matter what, and who you can talk to about things that you probably wouldn’t want to bother anyone else with. But the one thing people don’t realize is that true love is actually out there. People go from bad relationship to bad relationship, and people start to lose hope that love is actually out there for them. Does this sound like you? Well, it’s not true, all you need to do is a little searching and you will find the one. To make sure you do, here’s how you’ll know for sure you have a keeper.

Love and Affection

Love and affection are two of the best things that you can receive from a relationship. In the beginning of a relationship is where you might feel this the most. You know what the honeymoon period is. That time where everything is happy, and you feel as though you love absolutely everything about them. That love will be mutual, and it will be the best time of your life. But when you’ve found the one, that honeymoon period will never stop. You’ll find yourself smiling on a daily basis, and all the energy and spark that your relationship once had will stand strong. You’ll be showered with gifts like a name necklace, flowers, chocolate, and maybe even a cheeky meal out. But you’ll also want to shower them with the things that they like. If it’s true love, it does work both ways which is what a lot of people seem to forget. As for affection, there are other ways of showing it other than through gifts. Even small things such as a good morning and good night text will prove to you they’re the one that’s going to care the most about you.

There Will Be Bad Days!

If you went your whole relationship without having bad days, then it wouldn’t be a proper relationship. Everyone argues at some point or another, it’s just unavoidable. Whilst the honeymoon period might not wear off as such, you will start to notice little things they do that annoy you. But that’s just because you’re so comfortable around each other, and you’ll often spend so much time with each other, that you’ll get bugged out a little bit. Don’t run for the hills the moment things start getting rough. The person who is going to be your true love will be the one you want to fight for, no matter how bad an argument might get.

Fun Times

A relationship should be full of fun times. Even if it’s just sat watching a film, you should still find it fun. If you’re getting bored, but you still feel as though you’re really in love, it might be the case that you’re not getting out there and experiencing things together. Whilst it is all well and good having those chilled out nights, you need to be making memories through days out doing things! Go traveling, go drinking, go to the cinema, go to the theme park. Do whatever you’ve got to do to have fun!

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