These Are The Trendy Clothes You Need To Add To Your Wardrobe

Not everyone is a fashionista. However, with a little help, a few new clothing additions and a bit of creativity, you can own the runway.

Sort Through Your Existing Wardrobe

Before you bag everything up in your closet and drive to the donation box, sort through what you currently have. Chances are, there are a lot of worthy articles of clothing that you can pair with different tops, jackets and pants that by themselves don’t work but can be paired for an updated look. Keep in mind that your staple pieces can all go well with the latest trendy plus-size women’s clothes. And, hold onto your jewelry too. One of the newest trends this year is layering your pieces.  

Upgrade your undergarments

Sometimes the key to changing how you feel about your wardrobe is what’s underneath your clothes. A great strapless bra that’s actually stays up is a must have. And prevent the biggest fashion faux paux, panty lines, with seamless underwear. Often the underwear can change how you feel in the clothes you wear.


Look for cool off-the-shoulder options with ruffled tops, and long sleeve styles with fringe accents that move with you as you walk to and from your destination. Tailored blouses are a versatile choice that you can wear buttoned completely for business meetings with a jacket and when heading out on the town with friends leave a few undone for a flattering appearance. Tie-dye tops and animals prints such as leopard and polka dots are all popular today and fun to wear. For a casual outing, you can still look good and remain comfortable with a cute oversized top.


From wide-legged slacks making a big come back to stylish and comfy leggings, every wardrobe upgrade needs a few great pants. Invest in a pair of jeans with a classic cut and wash that make you feel amazing. If trying the latest styles, look for a trendy denim wash or cut at a lower price point in case it doesn’t last beyond the season. Pair your pants with a stylish oversized top and you have an outfit that’s on trend and so comfortable to wear.


The bomber jacket is making a comeback, so if you have one hold onto it. If not, there are several types available. The sporty brown leather bomber pairs well with your favorite denim jeans and rugged boots or sneakers. You can pair a silk version with leggings and a fitted top for a knockout look for heading off to the gym. Trench coats are another staple that still holds its weight in gold. They are fantastic worn over jeans, slacks or dresses and skirts and give your ensemble a neat layered look.

Shoes and Accessories

You can never have enough shoes in your wardrobe and luckily, a lot of the same trends from 2018 are still hanging on. Espadrilles, wedges, strappy sandals and heels are all among the survivors. Trending in 2019 are flowing feathers added to sandals and heels, as well as embroidered tops and sides in vintage patterns. Flats also take on a more fashionable appearance with gold hardware and pointed toes. With a renewed interest in the environment, bamboo handbags are casual yet stylish making them great for a day at the beach or lunch with the girls.

Each year the styles will change and many of the clothes you already have will still hold value. If you select a few fashionable women’s pieces year after year, you’ll stay in style and love everything about being a girl.

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