6 Top Gifts To Get Yourself, Just Because You’re Worth It

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Charity, they say, begins at home. So, it’s important to direct some good energy inwards once in a while. Giving yourself a breather, eating something decadent once in a while or simply getting yourself a gift, are ways you can do this. It may sound unnecessary to some people, after all, you probably buy yourself things you need all the time. But what about things you simply want? When you do decide to get yourself something, there’s the added complication of finding the right pick. This guide right here will get you well on the way to finding that perfect gift for the most important person in your life, which is you.

1. A Cheat Day

This isn’t something you can place a certain monetary value on, but it is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Counting calories and staying away from carbs is a lifestyle for most, but once in awhile a break is needed. So, rather than staring at that Dominos ad online, or fantasizing about meals, you can’t have, schedule a much-needed cheat day. 

It sounds counterproductive to some, but there are certain benefits of having a cheat day. It’s not only about food with a cheat day, it’s a glorified form of a ‘Me day’, but with extra perks. Stay in bed all day if that’s what you feel like doing or make it a spa day. Altogether, make sure it’s the perfect form of self-care for you.

2. A House Plant

This may sound like a boring gift to give yourself. But for people who have a green thumb or love some natural decor, this is a great option. It’s also a good choice if you are looking for something to nurture but have no time for a full-on pet. 

Getting a potted plant can equally boost your all-around mood and productivity. Did you know that they actually absorb toxins and produce oxygen? Well, that’s science 101. Altogether, what better gift can you get yourself than good health and a better outlook on life. Looking for a place to buy great plants? Consider the fort collins nursery.

3. A Silk Pillowcase

It sounds indulgent, right? That’s the point, not only is this nice and supple, but it’s great if you have nappy hair. Even better is the fact that it is great for people with sensitive skin, that is how you know it’s the good stuff. So, ditch that cotton pillowcase with a thread count that’s practically non-existent and enjoy the pleasures that can only come with a silk pillowcase.

4. Jewelry

Diamonds, they say, are a girl’s best friend. But with the process of actually mining them being a bit controversial, it’s best to stick to jewelry as a whole. Bohemian style jewelry is becoming quite the catch these days. So, you could opt for something of that sort, or look for options that suit your personal style. 

Nevertheless, there is no harm in trying something out of your comfort zone. It’s a gift, after all, try not to hold back. It does not have to be something particularly expensive, if you like the way it makes you look, then it makes the cut.

5. Take Care of Your Body

This is something you’ve heard repeatedly, but it’s a very necessary message. The best kind of care is self-care and it all starts with your body. Most people believe that getting that perfect body is impossible, but it’s no myth. Once you get started, ensure that you seek out ways to motivate yourself

One thing to note when trying to take care of your body is that it all starts in the mind. So, look for ways to ensure that you remain in a good head space while you take care of your body. Have the right motive for wanting to take care of your body, it’s not all about losing weight, you know. It’s equally about being healthy and enjoying the skin you are in.

6. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Especially now, when practically everyone is at home staring at their screens, this is a must-have. So, why not gift yourself something that could potentially protect you from yourself. If you have to work a lot on your laptop, or simply want to binge, these will come in handy. 

So, instead of cutting down on your screen time drastically, go for a stylish pair of blue light blocking glasses. The effect is nothing short of a miracle, as such, it makes a perfect gift to anyone who’s looking to take care of themselves thoroughly. 

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