Top 5 Black Fashion Bloggers to Follow

Fashion is a way to show self-expression through clothing, shoes, makeup, hair, and accessories. Figuring out your own personal style can be challenging because the way you think you want to dress and the way you actually dress can be complete opposites. Transitioning through styles is something that is learned as time progresses. Media outlets definitely influence style because there’s a little something for everyone. With these five fashion bloggers, your style dilemmas may be put to rest. Here are the top five Black fashion bloggers to follow:

  1. Claire Sulmers: The Fashion Bomb Daily

Fashion journalist, style blogger, and Editor-in-Chief, Claire Sulmers, created The Fashion Bomb Daily in August 2006. The Fashion Bomb provides multicultural fashion advice, which includes celebrity looks, looks for less, designer news, what to wear, and more. The colorful site is updated multiple times daily, so no worries about missing any fashion news. You want your style to be bomb, or in our case, bauce.

  1. Tameika Lawrence & Co.: StyleBlazer

StyleBlazer is an New York City-based site that is geared towards “the chic, style-driven woman of color.” StyleBlazer provides daily doses of trends, celebrity style reports, beauty tips, street-level fashion shots, and lots more. Their goal is to be “the dedicated fashionista’s daily style obsession.” This clear-cut, simplistic site is one to bookmark.


  1. Karen Blanchard: Where Did U Get That?

Londoner turned New Yorker, Karen Blanchard, gives a glimpse into her life, with her stylish outfits, inspiration DIYs, street style, and more. People constantly ask her where did she get what she’s wearing, so she figured she’d start a blog about it. Blanchard considers herself “a mish mash of both cities,” so expect New York style with a London twist or vice versa.

  1. Folake Kuye Huntoon: StylePantry

Huntoon, a working mother of 3, updates StylePantry with lookbooks, campaigns, industry interviews, to name a few. She also provides viewers with her own daily looks, by sharing tips and secrets on where/how to shop bargains and vintage treasures. A pantry full of stylish thangs. Hard to believe that a mother of 3 has time to do all of this. Definitely shows dedication and persistence.

  1. Jessica Andrew and Andrea Arterbery: Glamazons

Fashionably fabulous duo, Jessica and Andrea, left their small hometowns to move to NYC to follow their dreams. Jessica left New Jersey to pursue a journalism career, and ended up in the fashion world. Andrea, a Texas native, left the Lone Star state, to pursue a career in the publishing world. Long story short, they came together to produce Glamazons, which provides tons of fashion news ranging from what i wore to would you rock? The list goes on and on. They also have occasional giveaways, so that’s a plus. Their motto is “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Fabolous.” Go get your glamazon fix!

Well, there you have it fellow Bauces. Time to explore these blogs and get your latest fashion and style tips!

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1 Comment

  1. anonymous

    June 14, 2013 at 3:19 am

    SwirlGirlArmy.Com is a fashion/lifestyle website for the multi-cultural/multi-ethnic Swirl Girl!

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