To Hell With Fate! Design Your Destiny

happyDo you constantly find yourself looking at the clock around 4:10 every afternoon, itching in your toes for the hands to strike five so you can be the first one to bolt out the door at work? Or do you ever find yourself angrily slamming the snooze button on your alarm clock five times before finally dragging yourself out of bed in the morning?

It be like that sometimes. Especially when you’re living your “fate”.

Some of us believe that that’s all that life is. That our lives are innately designed and defined by our fate and that there is no breaking from it. Some believe that what will happen in life is predestined and set by the circumstances in which we are born in. Because of fate, we cling to stability and structure. We’re unwilling to flow outside of life’s parallel lines. We’re bored by our routines but unwilling to change them because uncertainty scares us.

I say to hell with “fate”. It won’t do anything for you but rob you of the abundant life that you so rightfully deserve.

The problem is that people are unwilling to wholeheartedly believe that they have the power to change their fate. That you, me, and Amy Beth on the train all have the power to catapult ourselves into the lives we really want. We can build our future landscapes in our heads like golden architects, take our personal blueprints and turn them into a reality that takes our own breathes away.

We do this by living our destiny. Destinies are created.

They are created by our passion and willingness to hold hands with uncertainty. When we suspend the logical confines of our minds (or our parents) that preach to us about the importance of stability, we allow our freewill to two-step with imagination and endless possibilities. We stress less and begin to live more because we are able to embrace the idea that maybe our plans won’t work out and they shouldn’t because something better (that we have yet to realize) is waiting for us. And the only reason we hang on to anything is because we are … scared. Fear is one of the most crippling emotions known to man. It keeps us from engaging in those side projects, launching businesses, chasing our musical dreams, becoming rockstars.

Fear is the best way to commit suicide. It’s a slow and painful death that encapsulates us on earth, leaving us in an abyss of “what ifs” that will never be realized. Oh, how terrible is a life wasted by dwelling in the den of fear.

If you want to live your destiny, you have to stop living what you believe is your “fate”. That is, what you believe you should be doing because that’s what everyone’s told you or your too scared to imagine life tippin’ on a tightrope. What is the one thing in your soul that you know makes you happy? That you would dedicate your life too if money really wasn’t an issue? Whatever it is, start working on it now. Whether it’s outside of your 9-to-5 or while your in school, begin working on it now, right here, today. Create the life you really want. There is no one here that can take that away from you.

Do it now. Design, direct, and live your destiny.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. thejourn3y

    March 12, 2013 at 12:56 am

    This post is EVERYTHING! Yes to living our dreams and creating our destiny!

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