To Be ‘In Love’

With Valentine’s Day around the corner talk of love and relationships have already began to buzz.  I mean that’s what the basis of the consumer holiday is right? We are pushed into purchasing roses at $40 a bouquet for someone you love.  Sometimes though, while trying to decide between the bouquet and the chocolate strawberries (hint: get both guys) many are still trying to decide if they’re even in love.  Most people aren’t sure and just want to see their partner happy. How do you know?

What key indicator lets you know that your heart belongs to another? I’d like to say that if I am in love with the person I’m with, I actually say that I am…pretty often.  Yet, if someone asked me how do I know, I’d have to really think about it. I’d like to think that signs of love are exuded through my body. I could say it is a deep feeling that erects itself in the pit of my stomach, nothing like a tummy ache and a bit less fluttery than butterflies. It’s like the pitter patter of my heart, not too strong but not too light.  It’s that final piece that completes me..but was I ever a jigsaw puzzle? Let’s face it figurative speech doesn’t do much to sway a skeptical listener. However, some may say logically, “I can’t live without him. I can’t live without her.”

Do you know if that’s really true? Love is not just wanting to be with someone for their body. It’s wanting to be with them…for the rest of your life.

Many times love is mistaken for other things: infatuation, obsession, or fixation and that makes it even harder to derive the truth of what it may mean for a person. Indeed, love is confusing. But it’s also something fascinating, something that once its found it is often longed for again after it’s lost. Love is also something solid, that can’t be broken or deterred by any other person walking down the street. It’s a bond that’s not only beautiful between two people, but insightful and teaches you much about who you are as person.

Tough at times, but great when its good. That’s what love is all about.

When you say that you’re in love with someone, what does that mean to you? Let us know. 

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