Things You Can Do On The Go (That You Couldn’t 10 Years Ago)

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So much has changed.

When I look back to how my life was ten years ago, it is difficult to imagine how I did things like running my own business, juggling a hectic lifestyle, and having a busy social life without having access to the internet, wherever I was, and on a 24-hour basis! It would be a complete quest for me to consider not having or using a smartphone these days! God knows how I kept up with client emails, assigning tasks to employees, and keeping up with the latest developments in my friend’s love lives. Imagining my life without a mobile phone, and being connected to everything I could possibly imagine, all day, every day seems like an impossible task now!

Playing a game of poker

Ok maybe this seems like a rather unusual one to you, but I do love a game of poker. The psychology, the strategizing, the combination of luck and skill, and of course, the prize when you scoop the pot after hours of play- what is not to love? Previously I would have to find time in my hectic schedule to arrange with friends to meet and play, or even take time out to visit the poker hall at my local casino- nowadays all I do is log onto a pocket poker game such as the popular Wild Jack Casino, and dip in and out of game play as and when my schedule allows. It has really been a life changer, allowing me to enjoy my hobby whilst skipping between meetings, working lunches, and catching up with friends. I can play on the train, in the back of a taxi, or even in a coffee shop whilst I am waiting for my next appointment to arrive.

Doing my weekly shopping

I literally never have time to shop. I am ashamed to say that my cupboards are almost always bare and I run out of the essentials far more frequently than I care to admit. This is due to the fact that I am always busy during shop opening hours, and rarely have the time or inclination to enter a busy shop and ultimately spend 20 minutes queueing! Now, I log on and using various apps and websites and a few flicks of my thumb, I can order my week’s groceries, a new pair of shoes, medicine, home furnishings, and even the cats food and have it delivered to my house at a time that is convenient for me! In fact, online shopping is becoming so popular that it is even beginning to overtake traditional bricks-and-mortar shopping!

Delegating tasks to my employees

Delegating work and tasks to my staff, as well as keeping up to date with their progress is an ongoing struggle. To keep up with multiple email chains drives me mad and can be very confusing when you have 20 on the go! I use several desktop and mobile apps to assign tasks, keep track of progress, and ensure that clients work is completed in plenty of time. Not only does it save me time but it saves money and means I can manage my team wherever I am!

Keeping track of my health

This is a big one for me. I do my best to eat well and stay fit but in reality, I have no idea of how well I actually do! I use a step tracker to keep track of how much I walk on a day to day basis and I use another app to scan in what I eat each day, to keep track of calories. It takes me very little time to do but having visibility of my diet and exercise levels allows me to keep my health in check!

With these inventions coming onto the scene in just the last 10 years, my mind boggles at what will be on offer in the next 10!

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