These Unhealthy Mantras May Be Ruining Your Fitness Goals

These fitness myths could be keeping you from winning!

Anyone who’s ever embarked on yoga should know all too well that mantras and fitness often go hand in hand. Your efforts here do, after all, primarily rely on the right attitude at all times. A simple mantra, like ‘I can’ could well push you through tricky trainer sessions, or see you running that mile even when you think it’s impossible. 

Sadly, it isn’t all golden and good workouts on the mantra front. For many of us, particularly harmful mantras actually prevent us from enjoying our fitness-based efforts. And, when they get their claws in, our bodies soon start to suffer. 

In most instances, individuals who fall foul to this negative mantra mindset don’t even notice it happening. To make sure you don’t fall foul, we’re going to consider a few of the most damaging mantras many of us convince ourselves of where fitness is concerned. 

‘Fitness is a chore’

From an early age, many of us slip into the incredibly negative mindset that fitness is a chore. Blame gym class or swimming lessons if you want, but we certainly don’t embrace these efforts the way we would like. Instead, we exercise reluctantly if at all and spend the entire time wishing that we could do something else already.

Sound familiar? This is, sadly, a mantra that most of us tell ourselves at some point. The trouble is that, if fitness is a chore to you, you’re never going to happily embrace the amount of exercise you need to keep on top. You’re more liable to avoid efforts here or come up with excuses as much as you can.

The solution? Embrace fitness as a fun thing that you want to do instead. This can be easier said than done if you’re undoing a lifetime of negative reinforcement, but it’s by no means an impossible goal. Something as simple as finding a fitness class that you enjoy attending, for instance, could see you looking forward to, rather than dreading, your efforts from now on. 

‘There are better things to spend money on’

Few things rule our mindsets and outlooks more than money, and many of us simply don’t think fitness is worth spending a dime on. Admittedly, this needn’t spell the end of everything given that there are now plenty of free fitness videos online, etc. Still, there’s no denying that spending at least a little cash on our keep-fit efforts can lead to benefits including better results from shorter sessions, and access to the equipment you need at all times. 

Still, if you’re determined that your money would be better spent on, say, a night out on the tiles, then you’re never going to invest the amount necessary to buy top fitness equipment as reviewed on This, alone, could see your efforts unraveling, and it isn’t exactly an accurate representation, either. 

Let’s be frank; when it comes to where you put your money, few places are better than your quest for fitness and health long-term. After all, those nights out are all well and good, but you won’t be able to enjoy them if your health starts to suffer. By comparison, prioritizing fitness spending and then budgeting for these more leisurely extras could see you enjoying the best of both worlds in no time. All because you were willing to change that ingrained mindset!

‘I don’t need exercise’

This mantra would make many fitness seekers gasp, but there’s no denying that a fair few of us have uttered this one at some stage. Sadly, many of us get confused between the need for body confidence and the quest for fitness in its own right. 

To clear things up, it’s worth noting that fitness is not ‘losing weight’ or ‘seeking something you can’t have’. Alien as it might seem, it really is possible to love the body you’ve got and still work out regularly. In fact, you could say that this is the ultimate in loving yourself. Finally, you’re giving your body the time and focus it needs to stay in top condition. 

The main thing here is to step away from the idea that all exercise is completed with weight loss in mind. While full-body workouts like Zumba definitely focus more on weight loss benefits, options like weight lifting or cardio concentrate far more on overall stamina, healthy functioning, and the like. Benefits which, by the way, you can enjoy even if you’re a healthy, happy weight right now. 

Whatever you’ve told yourself/come to believe, there’s simply no escaping the fact that we ALL need to focus on our fitness. From the skinniest minnies to every other shape under the sun, health is about happiness, and achieving a lifestyle you can feel even comfier in. 

‘I haven’t got time for fitness right now’

If there’s one thing the millennial generation struggles with, it’s time. Growing work commitments and our constant quest for side hustles and beyond means that we literally can’t fit enough into any given day. Unsurprisingly, then, the ‘I haven’t got time’ mantra has become a significant part of our fitness avoidance, and most of us convince ourselves it’s a foolproof argument. 

Still, as the old saying goes, you very much make time for what matters to you. There’s no denying that you’re likely busy with all those other commitments but, as is evidenced by the points outlined on, there’s plenty you can do to make more time where you need it. As simple as that, a gym routine that seemed out of reach could become a staple, and even valued, part of your day. 

The simple fact is that the majority of gyms are now open late for even those of us who have other things to take care of in the day. Equally, most open their doors at the crack of dawn for early birds. And, of course, it’s vital to note that your fitness journey needn’t rely on taking time out to head to the gym at all. Something as simple as walking to and from work instead of catching the subway could see you enjoying increased health benefits in no time. And, when you factor in wait-times, traffic, etc., you’ll likely find that this effort doesn’t even take up any extra time in your day whatsoever!

‘I’ll embarrass myself’

Where gyms are concerned especially, many of us convince ourselves that we can’t attend without severe embarrassment. Some of us worry about getting our bodies out, while others are concerned with an inability on equipment. Surely those fitness buffs will all look at you and wonder what the hell you’re doing? Or not.

The stupid thing about this negative mantra is the fact that it simply doesn’t equate to the truth. The truth being, of course, that the majority of gyms are now multi-skill areas with plenty of other members worrying about precisely this. Sure, there are some die-hard gym-goers out there, but you can bet the majority of people you come across will be just as nervous of all that new-fangled equipment as you are. 

With that in mind, the chances of anyone looking at you and laughing are next to none. Even if someone does notice your struggle, they’re more likely to relate and come to your rescue. As simple as that, you’ll be able to enjoy improved fitness knowledge, and a gym buddy to boot! 

While embracing the blushes may seem easier said than done, then, you need to let go of this fear of embarrassment. And, getting on top with fitness, at last, is the only way to do it. 

‘I’m too tired’

It seems apt to end on this popular mantra that many of us also fall foul to – tiredness. In many ways, this is much like the time myth we’ve already uncovered, but it reaches entirely new heights on the excuses scale. After all, tiredness is a valid and, most of us would argue, just reason to give the gym a miss sometimes. 

In reality, though, tiredness and our need to give in to it is just as invalid a gym avoidance as anything else discussed here. This is especially the case when you consider that, actually, inactivity often leads us to feel more tired than we would otherwise. You could go, therefore, go as far as to say that this is a self-serving prophecy. And, it’s one we can all overcome the moment we force ourselves into our gym clothes despite the desire to instead tumble into bed. 

A final word

No one ever said that fitness would be an easy habit to get into, and these mantras likely aren’t the only things standing between you and a routine you can rely on. Regardless, your life, and happiness, will improve tenfold when you work around these setbacks instead of treating them like unavoidable roadblocks. So, stop using negative mantras as excuses and get down the gym already!

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