This Is What You Need To Relieve Back Pain And Boost Flexibility

The flexibility of your muscles can be reduced because of different reasons, the most common one being muscle overuse. We usually overuse our muscles and it is understandable because we live in a very busy world. Other causes of reduced flexibility are inflammation and tightness. When you the flexibility of your muscles is reduced, it is very possible that you are going to experience restricted movements as well as increased pain.

When the flexibility of your muscles in boosted it will relieve pain and one of the things that can help you increase the flexibility of your muscles is a good massage from a professional massage therapist.

What are the most appropriate types of massage to increase flexibility?

There are a lot of different types of massage but the ones perfect for increased flexibility are mostly, deep tissue massage, therapeutic massage, and sports massage. The deep tissue massage is actually the most used type of massage to help increase the flexibility of the muscles but therapeutic massage, as well as a sports massage, are also very good.

Boost flexibility with a therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage is one of the most effective types of massage that is very good when it comes to increasing muscle flexibility. Therapeutic massage aims at manipulating your muscles using different techniques. The manipulation of your muscles will produce a therapeutic effect which will in turn increase relaxation both mentally as well as physically.

This type of massage focuses on the superficial layers of your muscles and also encourages your tissues and muscles to relax as well as loosen. When your muscles are loosened and relaxed it will relieve pain and, in the process, increase flexibility. The therapeutic massage also has an effect on your moods and after a session, you are going to experience reduced moods as well as reduced anxiety and stress.

You can get this from the spa or you can hire a mobile therapist who is going to help increase the flexibility of your muscles from the comfort of your home.

Relieve your pain and boost your flexibility with a deep tissue massage

The deep tissue massage usually varies in pressure depending on your preference. It mostly focuses on soft tissues that are found around your body. The flexibility of the muscles will be increased by relief of muscle tension and tightness. When you receive a deep tissue massage, the inelasticity of your muscular tissues will decrease and the range of your movement will increase in the process. And when the elasticity is increased as well as the range of movement, your flexibility will be increased.

How sports massage relieves pain and boosts flexibility.

 Your flexibility can also be increased through a sports massage. The sports massage usually focuses on areas that contain soft tissues and it is more of an intense massage than the therapeutic massage and even than the deep tissue massage. The sports massage is usually recommended for athletes and physically active people but you can also try it if you want to relieve pain.

This type of massage usually increases muscle temperature using different techniques throughout the process. The massage will reduce restriction and then increase the elasticity of your muscles and in return relieve any pain you may be having. The reduction of restriction from this type of massage helps increase flexibility on both the muscles as well as the joints

What are the techniques used to increase flexibility?

When it comes to increasing flexibility of your muscles, there are various techniques that can be used, the most common ones being deep strokes, myofascial release, and kneading.

1. Deep strokes

Deep strokes will help increase your flexibility by applying firm pressure to the areas that require some treatment. In most cases, flattened hands and fingers are used with an aim to get deep within your muscle fibers. The deep strokes will increase friction between the fingers of the massage therapist and your skin which will, in turn, increase the flow of blood. The increase of blood flow will result in an increase in temperature and an increase in temperature will allow your muscles to stretch and relax. And when your muscles relax and stretch it leads to increased flexibility.

2. Kneading.

Kneading on the other hand, it involves pulling as well as squeezing your soft tissues. This actions involved in kneading encourages increased blood flow to the area being treated. Just like in deep strokes, the increase of blood flow will lead to an increase in temperature and an increase in temperature will lead to the muscles relaxing and stretching and hence increased the flexibility of your muscles. Any pain that you might be experiencing at that time will be relieved in the process.

3.   Myofascial release.

The flexibility of your muscles can also be increased through myofascial release. This technique is usually used in areas that have fascia as well as soft tissues. Fascia provides structure and support within the structures of your body but it can also be restrictive when it comes to increasing pain.

After you get an injury, for example, the fascia will scar and harden. Hardened fascia will decrease the flexibility of your muscles. The aim of myofascial release is to increase flexibility by loosening hardened fascia. The temperature of fascia will increase which will allow the therapist to apply more pressure to the area to be treated and get deeper into the tissues and help stretch as well as loosen the fascia. When the fascia is stretched and loosened the restriction will be reduced and flexibility is increased.

Increased flexibility usually involve increased elasticity as well as movement within both your joints as well as your muscles. When flexibility is increased through massage, the pain is reduced in the process. It can be done through various types of massage and techniques.

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