New Hobbies Are Emerging From Our Internet Revolution

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We’re living in an increasingly connected world.

We’re living in an increasingly connected world. A lot of people are concerned about our increasing reliance on the internet and for good reason. However, outside of scares about the latest scam, worries about social media and the like, there’s also a lot of good it can for people’s personal lives. For instance, it’s opening doors to all kinds of hobbies and hobbyist groups, such as the following.

The world of active watching

It might sound odd to start with, but one of the fastest-growing hobbies is watching other people do stuff. Twitch streaming is, largely, associated with video gaming for the moment, but has expanded as people are glad to watch people do art, perform music, explore their city, travel, and even just chat. This is largely in part due to how interactive Twitch streaming is, as the streamers chat with, take suggestions from, and generally hang out with their viewers. As a hobby, you could even make some money from streaming, too. Consider investing in a laptop for FPS games to create a unique online gaming experience that is much more integrated for both you and your viewers.

Beyond just video games

Gaming is a hobby that’s normally associated with video games that appeal to a rather narrow audience. However, the internet is helping people come together to play all kinds of games. People use it to play board games together (and get better with them with tools like the Scrabble word finder), to play and learn more about roleplaying games like D&D, and a lot more. There are even communities set up for getting together for digital board game nights you can join.

The democratization of writing

When it comes to writing online, we tend to usually think about how to make money as a freelance writer. However, aside from being a money-making side hustle, let’s not forget that writing is a passion. Whether it’s being the authority of a community that can share tips and insight, to getting involved in the discussion on faith, politics, media, and culture, the internet has paved the way for people to have their voice heard even if they’re not part of the establishment media. As such, the modern-day is a time of diverse narratives and viewpoints that may never have gotten a chance to be heard before.

Browsing the internet

It might sound a little weird, but some people love finding the lesser-known secret gems of the internet. The chance to find a voice you’ve never heard or interact with a new online toy adds a lot of mystery to what feels like an open and thoroughly explored part of the world. StumbleUpon used to be one of the best tools for this, so much so that there were online communities dedicated to sharing some of the wacky and wonderful sites they discovered through the random re-director. There are some modern StumbleUpon alternatives still available today, so the age of internet exploration isn’t quite dead yet.

It might seem like finding an online hobby isn’t too big a deal, but given that more people than ever admit to feeling lonely and are dealing with stress, it’s not something to be taken lightly. As much as the online world might contribute to that, it can also help deal with it, too.

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