The Important Aspects To Consider Before Becoming A Locksmith

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Being a locksmith in Brighton is not easy. It does take a considerable amount of time and effort to learn the tricks of the trade. Even experts never stop learning. As technology evolves, they too, have to go with the times. They need to be on top of everything that involves locksmith services to be on top of their game.

Now, if being a locksmith is what you desire to be, then let this article help you understand what it takes to be one. Just like any profession, being a locksmith has its perks and a fair share of pitfalls. It takes more than just knowing about locks. Needless to say, that’s just barely scratching the surface to be a good and dependable locksmith in Brighton.

Let this article provide all the essentials you need to know before embarking on the journey to becoming a locksmith. It should serve as an eye-opener if locksmithing is genuinely intended for you or if it’s the career path you wish to pursue. 

Why should you become a locksmith?

There are a couple of considerations you have to think about and imbibe before becoming a locksmith. Here are some reasons that being a locksmith is for you:

You like variety

If you are the type who likes variety on any given day, then being a locksmith may be ideal. Know that no two jobs are the same when doing locksmith services. One job order may require you to do some safe cracking then the next is all about re-keying. This level of unpredictability is exciting and never boring. However, this means you definitely have to step up your game in learning everything about locksmith services. This way, you become an authority in all things locksmiths.

You like analysis and problem solving

Think of locksmith services as solving a puzzle but on steroids (and you get to be paid for solving the problem which is the best part). Being a locksmith requires a lot of concentration and analysis to figure the problem out. Locks, especially, have tiny parts that form one big piece of the puzzle (so to speak). Determining how each little piece works is already a little bit complicated. If this is something that gives you satisfaction, being a locksmith may be the career for you.

You like to be on the go

Are you the type who can never sit still or is always restless and longing for constant movement? Perhaps, someone who likes to be on the go all the time? Then being a locksmith should be a good fit. A locksmith is considered one of the most mobile professionals in the neighborhood. Every assignment requires him to be in different places. Also, he is on an on-call basis on top of his regular schedule for the day. He is never on a fixed 9-5 desk job. However, being on call and on the go can be too tiring and stressful at times. You definitely need to have the strength and stamina to keep up with the demands of the job/business.

Locksmithing Essentials

Here are some details or fundamental pieces of information you need to know before foraying into the world of locksmithing. 

Education/Training Duration 

The length of time to learn the basics of being a locksmith varies. Some companies can teach the basics through a comprehensive 5-day course. The course should cover opening locks, fitting locks, and cutting keys. These skills should be enough to take on small jobs or assignments. 

However, for more in-depth learning, locksmithing sessions/classes may take several months. The process should also include certification upon graduation from the class. Prepare to have plenty of hands-on and practical exercises. If you are someone who enjoys movement and gets bored sitting down all day, then locksmithing classes are relatively ideal.

Important Items To Consider 

Employment Type 

First thing’s first, do you want to work on your own or do you wish to work for an established and reputable locksmith company? 

Independent Locksmith 

If you wish to be independent, make sure that you are well-equipped with everything you need to be a reliable locksmith. By everything, this should cover all the latest equipment and skills. As an independent locksmith, you need to efficiently and effectively handle all requests and job orders without overcommitting or getting overwhelmed.


This is perhaps the most recommended way to start with the industry. As a beginner in the trade, it is best to get used to the demands, operations, scheduling, and deployment processes first. What better way to know all these than by working for a reputable locksmith company? This company can provide you with actual training and guidance while taking the actual assignments of a locksmith.

Market/Neighborhood Assessment 

You need to be fully acquainted and familiar with the service neighborhood or area. First, assess if the service area has a considerably high crime rate. Also, will it fall under a cash-rich neighborhood? As a locksmith, you need to first and foremost think about your safety. Being someone who goes from one place to another, a high crime rate neighborhood might put your safety at risk.

If you are not careful enough, you might also unknowingly be involved in theft as an accessory. Some may pretend that it’s their home they got locked out of when in fact, it’s not. Incidents like this have to be avoided at all costs. Being the more frontline, you need to be extra cautious of the neighborhood or area you choose to provide service for.

Competitor Analysis 

 It is important to know how many other locksmiths in the area that you are up against. Being someone new in the business, it is first necessary to know your competition by researching on their:

– Services provided

– Special promos and rates

– Operating hours

– Number years in the service

Through these pieces of information, you are effectively able to position yourself as a cut above the rest. By knowing the services they provide, value-added services may be included in the package that would entice homeowners to contact you instead. If they have special promos, come up with better ones that will give more bang for their buck. If they only operate in the morning, then offer a 247 service as long as it is feasible and doable.

Offered Services 

Customers are more likely to gravitate towards locksmiths that have built a name for themselves. If you are just a new entrant to the market, word of mouth is one of the best marketing tools for you.

However, to take advantage of Word of Mouth (WOM) marketing, you need to be an expert in the industry. Make sure that you offer services that are excellent and top quality. Also, it is best to learn and acquire new skills to add to the credentials of being a top-notch locksmith. Here are some of the services you need to offer and be an expert of:

– Auto locksmith

– Safecracking

– Electrical security/electronic locks

– CCTV installation

– Home alarm system

– It will also be advantageous if you can provide a 24-hour emergency service

What skills should you further develop as a locksmith?

Needless to say, being a locksmith in Brighton requires constant and consistent skills development, improvement, and upgrade. Failure to do so may leave your skills and services outdated. As such, competitors can take over and may put you out of business. You certainly don’t want that, do you?

To ensure that you are never left behind in the locksmith industry, here are the skills you need to continuously improve on and develop:

Customer Service

Your skills will completely be useless if you don’t know how to provide excellent customer service. More than the skill, customers often recommend a professional or company if s/he was able to provide a service that’s memorable and personal. As you get to interface with different kinds of customers as time goes by, it is best to learn from each experience. By then, you’d be able to know what to do and what not to do. 

Technological Aptitude

Even the locksmithing industry has to cope with the modern times that go with a beautifully designed home or office by some of the best Australian shopfitters. Sooner in the future, mechanical locks may be replaced with digital locks. Well, this is even barely scratching the surface. The industry is expected to succumb to technology and there’s nothing you can do but to roll with the times. Expert knowledge in keyless entry systems, biometrics, digital home alarm systems, and much more is a must.

Mechanical aptitude

Your motor skills need to be in top-notch condition all the time. As such, you need to know what to do to keep it that way. Take the time to learn how to maintain and further improve your dexterity so it won’t get in the way of performing your job. Think of it this way, a locksmith is like a surgeon of doors and locks. You won’t want a spastic surgeon performing a life-changing surgery, right? The same principle applies to a locksmith as s/he works on your door or safe. Too many involuntary hand movements may significantly delay a job or worse, it may even destroy the little parts. Definitely not ideal.


Being a locksmith is no easy feat. Discipline, being business savvy, creative and critical thinking are just a few of the traits you need to master (aside of course from the ones pointed out earlier). To be successful in the field, you need to start from the bottom. There’s no easy formula to get to the top and be a locksmith authority in your area.

To be the best locksmith, you have to learn from your mistakes and every chance you get. The learning may come through various client interactions or by constant enrollment in locksmith classes. Not only should you be ahead of the competition, but also be an expert for customers who rely so much on you. 

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