The Importance of Keeping Your Teeth Healthy During Coronavirus

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It is now apparent that the novel coronavirus has a wide range of impacts on the body, many of which are only just becoming apparent as people report the effects of long covid. 

Not only does it affect the respiratory system, but it also has an effect on many other organs in the body. Besides affecting the respiratory system, the illness can also affect the eyes, skin, and teeth, and in severe situations, it can even impact the major critical organs of the body. In many circumstances, the effects of the illness on the body can last for several months.

According to the accounts of covid survivors, a large number of patients have complained of weaker gums, tooth loss, and other dental illnesses. The exact cause of this is unknown, but it appears to be one of the many side effects of this highly contagious illness.

What Causes Tooth Problems During Coronavirus?

As previously said, it is still unclear as to what exactly causes tooth decay and other dental issues to occur during and after the illness. However, this virus’s impact on blood flow could be one of the reasons behind this, among other things.

It is well-known that this virus harms the quality of blood flow in the body on a significant scale.

Evidence suggests that the Covid-19 virus has the ability to cause blood flow in the body to become obstructed or blocked. In addition, it is known to cause the production of numerous clots, which results in uneven blood flow.

This results in difficulties in the delivery of blood and nutrients to the various regions of the body, which can result in damage to critical organs such as the heart, brain, and chest. In a similar vein, the jaws may be harmed because the abundant supply of blood arteries to the mouth cavity may be impaired by a lower than normal or compromised blood flow, which in turn weakens the jaw and tooth structure. 

​​How to Prevent and Treat Tooth Decay & Cavities

The best way to prevent tooth decay during coronavirus is to drink fluids multiple times throughout the day. This will help wash away bacteria that may cause infection. The next best prevention technique is to brush teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and use floss or mouthwash around the gum line around teeth for maximum protection.

One can use many different treatments to treat tooth decay during coronavirus, but prevention is key. If cavities are already present, one should see a dentist immediately as they must be treated promptly before they worsen and become more costly or painful. Prevention is always better than cure, so it is important to organize dental cleaning and any other preventative work and treatment as soon as you are clear of the virus. One of the most common treatments for teeth with cavities is a filling which provides a barrier between the pulp of the tooth and bacteria, causing it damage or infection.

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