The Bedtime Rituals That Help Self-Made Women Continue to Secure the Bag!

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Keeping up with self-care is vital in these times where hustle culture reigns and sleep often takes a backseat to on-the-go grinding. No one said it was accessible navigating business, family, and personal life as a Black woman, but that doesn’t mean it’s not essential. 

Don’t sleep on a good night’s rest 

That morning mocha or emergency energy drink might give you the kick you need to crush your day but make no mistake, a lack of significant sleep will put the brakes on your productivity.

The National Sleep Foundation recommends seven to nine hours of sleep per night. During sleep, the brain repairs and restores nerve cells and energy, stores new information, and releases unneeded molecules.  

When the brain isn’t able to perform these functions, it suffers symptoms such as slowed cognitive function, memory loss, irritability, inability to focus and concentrate, creative blockages, and mental issues (like anxiety and depression) – all of which can negatively affect work and quality of life.  

To make matters worse, according to a study done by Oxford, Black participants were five times more likely to sleep less than six hours a night, increasing their risk for diabetes, heart disease, and other conditions that affect Black Americans at higher rates.  

​Ritual benefits  

Cultivating a sleep routine designed with you in mind maintains your internal clock, so you rest well, which helps you be your best and breeze through tasks during the daylight hours.   

If you’re looking to jumpstart your bedtime ritual, here are a few essential items that’ll have you on the road to relaxation in no time.  

Salt Me Nasal Aroma Inhaler 

When your sinuses are clogged, sleep can be a hassle. Created by Tonia Farmer, MD Salt Me Nasal Aroma Inhaler lubricates the nasal lining with a gentle and soothing scent to help you breathe easier as you head to dream land. Her special formula offers soothing aromatherapy with seven essential oils infused in Himalayan Sea Salt. The inhaler is easy to use and compact enough to keep on the nightstand for use before bed. Using this inhaled natural remedy as part of a sleep ritual will balance mood and enhance nighttime breathing leading to more restful sleep. 

Pure NanoSteamer 3-in-1 Ionic Facial Steamer  

Adding at-home facial steam to your nightly skincare routine two or three times a week will make you feel like a million bucks and prepare you for serene sleep – especially with the Ionic 3-in-1 NanoSteamer.  

This versatile facial steamer from Pure doesn’t just step up your skincare routine; it doubles down on the relaxation effect by also functioning as a humidifier, plus features a special towel warming chamber. Add a couple of drops of a serene essential oil (we love lavender for primo relaxation) to the steamer to ramp up the soothing mood.  

Inside Than Out “Better every day” Journal  

Unwind and capture your thoughts with this new “Better Everyday” Journal. Available in a traditional or digital format, this revolutionary journal features 365 prompts that can be started on any date focused on ten themes that prioritize self-awareness, personal growth, wellness, and self-care.  

Liberate Daily Meditation App  

Are you still trying to find that perfect meditation app? Enter Liberate, the daily meditation app designed to help the Black community develop a daily meditation habit.  

With meditations and talks explicitly tailored to the Black experience, led by top-tier BIPOC specialists from around the globe, it’s no surprise that over 50,000 people are integrating Liberate into their lives to reduce stress and get better sleep.  

Zenith Nadir Incense Holders

Lighting up a little incense can ease your mood and help your cares drift away, and these uber-eclectic incense holders from Zenith Nadir add a chill aesthetic to any space.  

Choose from an array of decadent jewel-toned pieces like the emerald flecked with gold “Esha,” the regal rose-gold and copper “Corrina,” or aptly named gemstone-inspired “Amethyst,” among other designs all fit for a queen.  

Anna Phillip London Yara Room Spray   

Transform your resting space into the ultimate exotic getaway with Yara Room Sprays by Anna Phillip London. Named for the Yoruba word for ‘room’ or ‘chamber,’ these scents invoke Lagos’s opulent spirit and warm energy. We love ‘Ikoyi’ ‘s sweet and musky scent that is at the same time light and enchanting. Mist in the air or on linens to sate your soul and mind.   

Soap Distillery Rosé Body Scrub  

Nothing beats unwinding with a bit of rosé in the tub – a rosé body scrub, that is! This heavenly blend from Soap Distillery is like a glass of rosé in salt scrub form. This shea butter and pink Himalayan salt-based scrub will wash the day away, offering ultimate relaxation while serving your skin a shot of vitamin-E fueled hydration.  

Glow By Daye 100 % Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

The word is out – silk is it! Silk pillowcases reduce friction on the hair, resulting in less frizz and more manageable hair, be it curly, kinky, braided, or otherwise. Naturally hypoallergenic, these luxury pillowcases are made with 100% pure Mulberry silk to treat your hair and skin to the best in comfort, quality, and breathability. Talk about resting well! 

Whether we’re commuting for the career or working from home, adequate rest is the name of the game for beating and exceeding goals. Do you have a go-to-sleep routine? Let us know your sleep secrets and concerns in the comments below!  

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