The Black Millennial’s Guide To Using Temp Agencies To Find A Job

Temp agencies may seem like an old-school approach to finding a job, but guess again.

It’s hard to find a job as a millennial. We have the education, just not the experience. Sometimes it may be because someone with more experience (ie. “old”) is in the position and just won’t leave. Sometimes it’s a mixture of both, but we have to play the game. We are the generation with the most training and most education. We are the generation of technology that’s making old-fashioned companies be more innovative and adapt to our digital era.

Like most millennials, I’ve also had a hard time finding a job. It took me years to find my first job at good ole’ Walmart. When I left there, it took me two months to find my next job at a call center. When I left the call center, it took me a month to find my next job.

I started to blame myself for not having the experience needed to find anything. My brother-in-law suggested that I try temp agencies to try to find work, but I was immediately hesitant. All I knew was that they were going to send me to a warehouse, which means I’d be doing hard labor. Once I did my research, I found out how wrong I was. I was apparently supposed to be scanning inventory using the likes of a scanner you can see here. No hard labor needed!

An employment agency (temp agency) is an organization that matches employers to employees. The recruiter at the agency basically gets paid to put you to work after receiving the job offerings. The job offerings stem from the staffing manager going out to businesses in the area and selling the idea of their employees (temps) to the company.  The jobs are then assigned to one or two recruiters. If the recruiter doesn’t fill the customers’ order for a specific amount of people, they won’t get paid. 

Temp agencies work with a wide range of industries: industrial, customer service, healthcare, IT, accounting and more. The jobs that are located within the temp agency are contingent with what’s in your area. So, if your community is more industrial than professional, you’ll have more warehouse jobs than office jobs. If your community is more professional, you’ll get more call center, administrative, healthcare, and IT positions in the area. They don’t just have entry-level positions, they have supervisor and management positions as well.

The agency will have temporary positions, which only last for a certain amount of time. They may also have “temp to hire” roles, which means you are a temp at the company, and then after three months you are now hired on with the company. Then they have direct hire, which means you will get directly hired on with said company. Make sure you know exactly how long the position you are applying for is set to last. You don’t want to think you are getting a direct hire position, and then, in the end, find out that you have a “temp to hire” or a temp position. Recruiters will also call you with any type of job that they think also can fit you. You can turn it down or accept it. The agency is your employer and pays you directly. When you find a job, they will have you come in and do an interview, take a drug test, and set up your direct deposit. Each job has a different pay rate offer as well. One can pay $17 for a certain and a different temp service can pay $22 for the same position at the same company. 

Working with temp agencies is something that needs to be done if you’re looking for work. You’ll find a job quicker using temp agencies instead of going the usual route. It’s better because you can avoid the rejection emails from jobs that you’ve applied to, eliminating the hope of thinking you got a job but not getting it.

You can find the job of your dreams through a temp agency. They are a stepping stone for something better. Everyone’s path is different, your path might be harder than others. Using these temp agencies and making connections with recruiters might be the best thing to ever to you.  USE THEM!! 

Here’s how to get started:

+Search for temp agencies in your area.

+Create a profile and upload your resume. 

+Select all the industries you’re interested in working in.

+Submit your profile 

You can eventually call the location that you want to work with. If you’re looking for office work, call the location in the city. When dealing with recruiters, the most important thing to remember is that they work with a lot of other candidates. So, you have to be on their back. You have to call in once every few days to let them know that you are still on the job hunt and need their help. They will call you when something meets your qualifications. Each job is completely different. 

Right now I’m unemployed and going through these exact same motions. It’s hard to put your destiny in someone else’s hands, but I’m working with recruiters with some of the best agencies out there. I believe they have the interest of the candidate at hand.

Are you ready to start your career?

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