Take Better Care Of Your Cat Better With This Cat Breed Guide

how to take care of your cat

Cats make for great pets, whether you opt for a short or long-haired breed. It’s a matter of personal preference, and there is no right or wrong answer about which one is the best. But it seems that most people tend to favor kittens with long, silky fur. They simply love these animals because they look gorgeous with their lush coats.

If you’re a first time owner, see below which breeds might suit you best:

The appearance of cats’ fur is a mirror of their health. Loss of shine and texture of fur, shedding, and dandruff indicate problems. So, the owners must get involved in their pet’s daily routine to notice possible problems in time. That’s especially true if you have a long-haired pet, as their coat requires more care.

Regular Brushing

Having a long-haired cat means some extra work and time spent on their fur care. You may find brushing your pet challenging as some felines are not fans of this routine. They tend to remove hair by themselves, but that can’t be compared with the effect of a quality brush.

To see how your feline reacts to brushing, you can try with a comb first. Kittens with lush fur will need combing because they generally shed a lot. You should do this at least once every week, although you can brush your pet as often as necessary.

Long-haired felines are prone to hairballs. So if your pet has a nasty habit of pulling fur, you might have to check whether they are stressed, or some medical cause is behind that behavior.

It is essential to limit how much hair your pet likely to swallow each day by brushing them regularly. If there are any knots, you should use a liquid remover to get these out. If these are severe, ask for professional help.

Importance of Grooming

Cats are neat animals, but they need professional grooming. Long-haired breeds require special attention to keep their fur healthy. You have to groom them once in a while, which means nail clipping, cutting, and ear cleaning. You can always ask a groomer for more information about this routine.

It may seem like a lot of work, but this is a necessary part of a cat’s care routine. Unlike brushing, grooming is not something you should do at home because it can be quite complicated. These animals have thin skin and not much patience, so they have to be pampered to get the job done.

Besides trimming, felines will also need to have their ears cleaned to prevent mite issue. Check their ear lobes at least once a month. Removal of hair around ears, which is a great base for these parasites, is an excellent prevention of infections. Let the groomer do this professionally.

Bathing Routine

Bathing is a vital part of the grooming ritual for cats, but it shouldn’t be done that often. Some species don’t require any contact with water, but long-haired cats need bathing from time to time. Cats must bathe if they have fleas, smell bad, or their fur is tangled.

In long-haired felines, particles of the feces can remain around the anal opening. If they lick it, they can enter dirt and bacteria and get sick. You can prevent it by bathing and trimming the fur around that area.

Before bathing, shorten your pet’s nails. Prepare a warmish bath, special shampoos, and brushes to remove excess hair. Cats are known to dislike water, so you need to do your best to make this experience enjoyable. If you are afraid of what this venture might look like, take your pet to a professional groomer.

Prevent Hair Loss

The importance of caring for a pet begins with the basics, quality food, grooming, and a proper care routine. Giving inadequate food to cats can be a reason for increased shedding. For healthy fur, they need animal proteins and fats, primarily essential fatty acids – omega-6 and omega-3.

With a quality meal, you must add supplements to the cat’s diet. These should be fish oils such as salmon and cod or a complex of minerals and vitamins useful for fur health. The intake of zinc, vitamins A and E allows the skin under the fur to be healthy and elastic too.

Healthy fur not only makes the cat look good but also offers additional protection against illness. You need to learn how to help your pet keep it in the best condition.

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