Style Upgrade: How To Bounce Back After COVID-19

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One of the things that I started to neglect when COVID-19 started was personal grooming. After all, you’re stuck at home and a few essential places. There is no one to impress. A lot of other people had the same idea and let themselves go, too. But the pandemic’s end is looking to be soon. So it can be a good idea to get back into the habit of looking good again. Here are some things you should be focusing on and getting back into practice for.

Your Hair

One of the first things that many people notice about you is your haircut. You likely didn’t have to worry about it during the pandemic. You let it grow, whether you were a man or a woman. The latter had it easier since long hair is more acceptable for women. Men will need a haircut if they want to look clean. The simplest of men’s haircuts is to shave your hair completely.

It sounds desperate, but many men look good bald, and that can solve the problem of maintenance. Women might do with a simple trim and to tie their hair up after. Don’t just focus on the hair on your head. Start shaving again and plucking nostril hairs so that you look a lot more presentable.

Your Clothes

Your pandemic wear was likely just your pajamas or something you threw on as you got out of bed. With nowhere to go but a grocery run, you likely didn’t think about a coordinated outfit or looking good. Now that places are opening back up again, you should be a lot more careful about what you are wearing.

There are several fashion trends that you should look out for now that people are going out. Minimalist outfits like a simple pair of jeans and a shirt are a favorite though you still have to remember to wear a face mask. But if you want to look nice, the main thing is to have clean clothes that look like they have been pressed and ironed. Change clothes every day instead of keeping on using the same shirt for a week.

Your Scent

While people won’t be smelling you intentionally, if you smell bad, then people will notice. You probably didn’t notice it when you were alone, but you’ll have to smell a lot more pleasant. The easiest way to do this is to take a bath every day. During the pandemic, many people got into the habit of skipping their bath or shower.

But this means that bacteria, dirt, and more start to accumulate on your body. It gets even worse when sweat mixes with it all. A good bath cleans it all away. Combine it with the use of antibacterial soap to ensure that you are clean. You should also start wearing deodorant again to get the best results.

Your Posture

During the pandemic, you were likely working from home a lot. Sitting around all day does not help with your posture, and you must start standing straight again. You should look at your posture in the mirror and see what you can do to improve it. The best way to help with your body’s posture is to get some exercise in. Start doing stretches and simple bodyweight exercises so that your muscles can handle you standing upright.

Emerging from the pandemic and starting to see people again physically can be like a breath of fresh air. But the bad habits you developed during the pandemic should be left behind. Start looking into the mirror every day and focusing on your looks. You’ll feel better about yourself when it is time to meet others again.

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