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Your sunnies can’t do all the work, no matter how large they are! On those blazing hot summer days, you need extra protection. Get the extra protection you need from a summer hat. When choosing a summer hat make sure it has a wide brim and is made of a breathable fabric. The wide brim will help to keep the sun out of your eyes and can be adjusted to block the sun at any angle.

Breathable fabrics, such as cotton, canvas, mesh, or straw, are best for the summer months. Hats constructed of breathable fabrics are more comfortable to wear because the fabric will manage sweat by allowing air to pass through and wicking away moisture. Not sure which hat is right for your look? Try these styles to top off your look with a stylish hat to stay pretty and protected.

When thinking of summer hats, the first type that comes to mind is a floppy sun hat. This hat is most commonly worn for a day at the beach, but can easily be incorporated in a casual everyday look. Pair your floppy sun hat with a maxi dress, flat strappy sandals and an armful of bracelets. You can also pair it with wide leg jeans, an oversized blazer, t-shirt, and heels.

Sun Hat

My next favorite hat for summer is the Panama hat. The Panama hat is a classic summer hat that is made of straw and has a solid or printed band. The Panama hat is commonly worn by men, so raid your dad’s closet before you go out to purchase your own. This hat goes great with an oxford shirt, high waist shorts, and lace up booties. Another option would be to pair it with a denim jacket, button down top, ankle pants, and pointed-toe, sling-back flats.

Panama Hat

A happy medium between the floppy sun hat and Panama hat would be the fedora. This hat has a floppy brim, but it is smaller than the brim of a floppy sun hat. It also has a solid or printed band like the Panama hat. The fedora pairs well with a shirt dress, wingtip oxford flats and a classic gold watch. The fedora also works with boyfriend jeans, a high-low graphic tee, and Converse sneakers.

Fedora Hat
The Trilby hat is similar to the fedora, but it has a rigid brim. This hat is chic and looks great with tailored pieces. A short suit and ankle strap pumps would be a great look to pair with a Trilby hat. Another option would be to pair the hat with a blazer vest, skinny jeans, sleeveless top, and cut-out oxford flats.

Trilby Hat
The final go-to summer hat is the baseball hat. The baseball hat is most commonly worn in an athletic environment. You can mix it up and create a unique casual look by pairing your baseball cap with a graphic tee, skirt, and heels. Another creative way to wear the baseball cap is with a button down shirt, printed ankle pants and sneakers.

BB Cap

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