5 Places To Go For Style Inspiration When You Don’t Know What To Wear

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It’s time for a new look, boo.

Have you ever looked at the people who always look well-dressed and put together, and wondered how they did it? Those people seem to always have the latest and best clothing, are on the cutting edge of fashion, and otherwise turn heads for the right reason. You, meanwhile, are stuck wearing the same old, same old; there’s nothing wrong with what you’re wearing, but it’s not exactly turning heads. So what’s the secret? Well, believe it or not, other people’s fashion expertise is rarely in-built. It comes from a source. We take a look at a few of these sources, which anyone can access, below.

On the Streets

You’re unlikely to find too much fashion inspiration if you’re staring at the wall. If you’re feeling uninspired when you open your wardrobes, then hit the streets. But this time, instead of looking at people and thinking “wow, they’re dressed well,” take a look at what specific aspect of their outfit you like. And then take that idea, and incorporate it into your wardrobe! There’s nothing like some good old creativity theft to move your wardrobe in the right direction. Anyway, the person you’re copying of will be flattered!

Trust the Experts

If you walk into a giant department store, it’ll be understandable if you don’t really know where to start when it comes to buying clothes. The choices are endless, and who says what’s good and what should be left on the rack? Instead, look at buying your clothes from boutique stores. These are the experts of fashion: they’ve effectively filtered out the not-so-hot items so that all’s left is the good stuff. Take Lotus for example. You can visit their store and choose from the latest fashions at an affordable price too. When in doubt, leave the options up to the experts! If your shopping for younger ones, then you can also try this technique to find great kids boutique clothing.

On the Big Screen

We’re all addicted to television and movies, and these screen entertainments can do much than just help us escape to another world for a couple of hours: they can inspire our fashions! Every outfit on the screen has been put together by someone who knows their stuff. If you see that a character is wearing something that catches your eye, then look for a similar item in the stores. You’ll have that movie star look, and it’ll be all thanks to the clothes.

Looking Overseas

It’s easy and convenient to see what clothes are popular in our local area, but it’s good practice to look overseas every now and again. A hot trend in Paris will make it here eventually – and you’ll be on the first with the clothes!

Your Personality

Finally, have you ever tried looking within? Some people think that they’re not fashion gurus, but they’ve never really given it a try! In any case, the brave and the bold do their own thing. If you think something would look good, then go ahead and wear it. You never know, you might just become the next fashionista because you dared to try your own thing.

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