This Is How To Stay Healthy On A Cruise Without Ruining Your Trip

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Going on a cruise can be a lot of fun, but when it comes to your health there are factors that should be considered. The lure of all you can eat buffets and delicious alcoholic beverages at your disposal will definitely add a few pounds to the waistline. For the health-conscious, you must be wondering if there is a way to indulge in the cruise experience without compromising your well-being. The answer is yes.

Walk Instead of Riding

When commuting back and forth to your room walking should be used instead of riding the elevator. The ship may be big but it’s not that hard to find your way around and the benefits of walking are great. You’d be surprised how many calories you can burn just going from one location to the next on foot.

Monitor Your Drink Intake

Alcoholic beverages and cruises go hand-in-hand. You don’t have to cut yourself off from enjoying a drink or two on your vacation, but just be mindful of how much you’re drinking. The number of calories and the amount of sugar present in most alcoholic beverages is high. Try to keep it to one or two drinks each night. If you suffer from drug or alcohol abuse or have recently sought treatment from a drug detox center, you may want to exclude alcohol from the agenda altogether to avoid relapse or abusing substances onboard the ship.

Avoid the Buffett

Cruises are well-known for their all you can eat buffets. The food is often calorie dense and high in fat. Though more cruise lines seem to be doing more to create healthier meal options for their passengers, if you’re trying to maintain a diet or avoid putting on a few extra pounds you would be better off avoiding the buffet. You can go to one of the many restaurants found on board the cruise ship where you have a better selection and control over what you eat.

Bring Healthy Options With You

Not interested in chowing down on waffles, pancakes, eggs, bacon, and toast throughout the duration of your cruise? Having something like muesli would give you all the nutrients you need for a healthy start to your day. A few options that are healthier for you reduce the temptation to run and eat something you probably shouldn’t have a lot of. This way, you can still enjoy some of the cuisines you find while on your cruise without feeling as guilty.

Stay Active

Although going on a cruise can be a time to relax, too much lounging around isn’t good for your health. There are so many things to get into on and off the ship. For starters, many cruise lines offer exercise programs and gyms for passengers to enroll in. You could do a round of yoga or run on the treadmill for a few minutes. There are also other options like playing sports. There are often basketball and tennis courts available. Just don’t forget your tennis gear. Lastly, you can get off the ship during stops to partake in activities from watersports to hiking.

Take Your Vitamins and Supplements

More than packing on a few extra pounds there is a slight possiblity that you could end up getting sick during your cruise. Due to the close proximity of the passengers, food and airborne illnesses can occur and/or spread quickly. Not to mention, if you’ve never been on a boat before you could get a little motion sickness.

To keep your immune system strong it is recommended that you take daily vitamins along with dietary supplements to maximize your health. If necessary, be sure to have things on hand to treat motion sickness or soothe the symptoms of other illnesses so you can recuperate and get back to having a good time.

There’s no denying that you want to have a good time on this cruise, but that doesn’t mean you have to throw your health to the side. As you can see, you can easily maintain your diet and exercise habits and safeguard yourself against common illnesses without missing out on the cruise experience. So, follow the advice above to ensure you have a fun, but healthy cruise vacation.

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