4 Reasons Why It’s A Good Idea To Spend More Money When Buying New Set Of Earrings

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Adding new jewelry to your wardrobe makes everything you own look fresh. The lure of cheap jewelry often leads us to make decisions we regret later. While the earrings might look good once, they never seem to make it to the second wearing. If they do, often the earrings cause other problems. Nobody wants to wind up with skin irritation or infection because of rough metals used to make costume jewelry. The next time you feel tempted to buy cheap earrings, remember four smart reasons why it’s a good idea to spend a bit more when buying a new set of earrings.

Wear Once and Throw Away

Jewelry is supposed to last for a long time to come. Unfortunately, poorly made earrings rarely last beyond a single wearing to a major event. If the earrings have beads, they usually are glued together and start falling apart when you wear them for longer than an hour. Cheap metals often oxidize or rust in days or weeks, making it impossible to wear the earrings. If the metal is thin, the earring hooks easily break off. Hoops wind up breaking and studs may separate from the posts.

Trying to store cheap earrings can lead to rusty stains in your jewelry box from a pair of earrings you can never wear again. Instead of buying earrings you can only wear one time, see options from Adina’s Jewels that are affordable and will stand the test of time. Consider 14-karat gold with natural antioxidant properties to avoid skin irritations and have quality jewelry that can be saved for generations and passed down.

Cheap Earrings Are a Health Hazard

Anyone with sensitive ears knows how important quality metal is when making earrings. Cheap earrings can be a health hazard, especially for those with sensitive skin. Skin irritations, allergies, and infections can occur when you wear cheap earrings constructed of inferior metals. The metal may also oxidize and rust in your ears, leading to discoloration around your piercings, and infection. Inflated, swollen, and irritated ear lobes make you feel uncomfortable and require ongoing attention to heal. If they are let go, you can wind up with an unattractive infection that prevents you from wearing earrings for weeks. The best choice for all types of skin is 14-karat gold, as it rarely irritates those with sensitivities. For those who cannot wear gold, sterling silver and surgical stainless steel are excellent options. All of these finer materials come in a wide range of styles and designs, so you never have to settle for cheap imitations.

The Posts and Locks Don’t Fit

Few things are more frustrating than trying to put on a pair of earrings with posts and locks that don’t fit together properly. Earrings needs to fit securely to ensure they stay on your ears. If the post and locks are loose, they will keep falling off, and you are sure to lose at least one earring. Losing cheap earrings can become costly when you keep replacing them. Ultimately, it costs less to get a quality pair of earrings with posts and locks that come together seamlessly because you won’t lose them. Plus, earrings have to stay on your ear to be an adornment. If they are constantly shifting and falling off, you won’t be wearing any at least some of the time.

Trying to get posts and locks that are too tight off your ears can also be problematic. Pulling on the posts and locks can cause injury to your earlobes, leading to an infection and swelling. It makes sense to invest in earrings that are easy to secure and stay on all day without getting lost along the way.

Rough Metals

Quality metals are smooth and properly finished to ensure they are good against your skin. Cheap earrings are made with inferior metals that could be partially unfinished. As a result, these metals can have rough edges that cause skin scratching and irritations. Sometimes they might get caught on your hair, making it tangle and rip out. Or, they may rub against your clothing, pulling and tugging at the materials. Trying to pull a sweater over your head could lead to the earring catching on the material and may lead to an earlobe injury such as tearing or ripping. Rough metals also rust and oxidize, which could stain your clothes as you get dressed and undressed.

Buying cheap jewelry doesn’t fool anyone and often leads to more expensive problems. Cheap-looking jewelry brings down your overall appearance and detracts from your fashionable look. Fortunately, 14 karat gold earrings don’t have to break the bank. There are many styles and sizes available for prices you can afford. Spending a little more now also means spending less over time. Choose classic jewelry you will love for years to complement all your favorite outfits. Add gemstones to match various colors in your wardrobe as well as plain gold and silver earrings to match any look. The key is to select earrings made from quality materials that will not irritate your ears or ruin your clothing.

Take a few minutes to shop around and find designs that fit into your lifestyle and budget. Resist the urge to surf over to cheap earrings that will wind up causing disappointment. Even if you like the cheaper earrings, it is unlikely you will be able to wear them more than once or twice. Save a little longer and buy the best rather than settling for something that could cost more in the long run.

Constant replacement and dealing with skin infections can become time-consuming and costly. Instead, treat yourself to quality earrings you can feel good about. Invest in yourself and your jewelry collection by buying 14-karat gold earrings that are sure to make all of your outfits look a little better. Best of all, they will be part of your collection for a long time to come, so you always have something beautiful to wear.

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