Skirts Rule!

There is a time and place for everything. In fashion, a skirt can be the height of controversy when worn in the wrong setting. The length and fabrication of your skirt can be the difference between looking unprofessional at work or too conservative for a night out with the girls. Check yourself at the door and use these 5 guidelines to make sure you’re wearing the right skirt at the right time.

Preparation! After keeping your legs hidden for the better part of the year, it’s time to get them ready for summer! Be prepared to bare all by keeping your legs smooth, tanned, moisturized and hair-free.  It’s best to plan ahead when wearing a skirt so that you are not rushing through the preparation process.


Fabric Check! Consider the environment you will be in while wearing the skirt. For professional environments, choose a woven skirt that does not fit too tightly in the hips and rear. In a casual setting, almost anything goes. Woven, knit, or denim skirts are appropriate for casual wear. For an evening out, consider the level of sophistication of the event. If you are going to a highly sophisticated restaurant, wear a woven skirt that shows off your figure. If the event is less sophisticated, i.e. a club, go for a knit skirt.


Length Check! This is where the controversy lies. Do you remember the fingertip test? When I was growing up, my skirt could not be shorter than my fingertip when my arms where extended straight down by my sides. This rule of thumb still applies for the workplace. In a professional environment, opt for skirts that are knee or mid-calf length. In a casual environment, the options are endless. You can decide what length is best for you based on your comfort level. For an evening out, opt for a skirt that is knee length or longer for a sophisticated event, and save the mini skirt for a less sophisticated event.


Color Check! Be careful with color when choosing a skirt. In a professional environment, it is safe to wear neutrals and bright colors, but do not confuse neon with a bright color.  In a casual setting, all colors are appropriate, even neon. For an evening out, black is a staple, but you can mix it up by wearing metallic skirts and bright colored skirts.


Print Check! This season, prints are saturating the market for bottoms. Prints are interest pieces for your look. When choosing to wear a print, remember to ground the look with a solid color when worn in a professional environment. In a casual environment, have fun with prints. Feel free to mix and match them. For an evening out, wear a bold print to be the center of attention in any environment.


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