10 Hacks That Will Help You Save Mad Money At Sephora

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When you want to look and feel your best, every girl knows where to go: Sephora. It’s where most beauty-obsessed bauces go to upgrade their look. Fortunately for you, we’ve compiled a list of tips, tricks, and hacks that will help you look beautiful without breaking the bank! Special shoutout to beauty guru and vlogger Amanda Ensing who shared some insight into a few tips that surprised us as well. Here’s how to keep yourself from going broke on your next trip to this beauty maven mecca.

1. Free Samples

You can get free samples of primer, foundations, perfumes and just about anything you want. Take advantage of this perk! Most samples you can use at least 2-3 times. Always get a sample of perfume to find the best scent for your body chemistry. When it comes to makeup pallets, blush, eyebrow and holiday kit samples you can get more than one sample. So, definitely get as many as you can!

2. Fan Friday

Fan Friday is when Sephora fans have access to a free beauty item with an online purchase of at least $25. This is usually every Friday and advertised on Facebook. This allows Sephora fans to engage on Facebook, earn points and get more free samples.

3. Quantity vs. Convenience

Do not get influenced to purchase the travel size products while waiting in line. Like Amanda shared in her YouTube video, focus on the ounces and not the price. You get more bang for your buck anyway when you purchase the full size item.

4. Free Manicure

Paint and try different nail colors for free. Go in with a clean hand and paint your nails for free. Thank us later for this tip!

5. Shop Semi-Annual

April and November are typically when Sephora holds their semi-annual sale. This is the best time and biggest opportunity to save and catch the biggest deals on your favorite beauty staples.

6. Shop Clearance

Look for the sale or clearance section in the store (hint, they are not easy to find!). This is where you will find some very awesome makeup brushes, pallets, eyeshadows, highlighters and more from off season products that are now discounted.

7. Join the Beauty Insider Program

When you become a Beauty Insider member, Sephora’s free loyalty membership program, you have all the access to their reward opportunities. For every dollar you earn 1 point, and after accruing a certain amount of points you get the opportunity to redeem your freebies! Did we mention you get a free bday gift? That’s right every year on your special day, Sephora’s beauty insider program allows you to redeem a free gift to celebrate you!

8. Calling All Online Shoppers: Request your freebies

Free. Free. Oh, and yea — more free. Again, when you shop online, take advantage and request as many free samples as you can.

9. Customer Accommodation

Shopping in the store and they don’t have your item in stock? No need to worry, Sephora will gladly order your item for you and have it shipped to your home for free. That’s right! Once again, getting the item you want and delivered to you, all while avoiding those ridiculous shipping fees we all dread! Once again, another beauty hack that has saved you some coins!

10. Make-Up Session

And last but definitely not least, Sephora offers free 15-minute “mini makeovers”. This is a mini makeover that focuses on one area such as a smokey eye, eyeliner, foundation, eyebrows, etc. Although you don’t get a free full-face makeover, you do at least get one part of your face made over for free. This is the perfect opportunity to seize for a date night or formal evening affair you’re attending and need a little makeover from a beauty professional. This is our definition of getting “beautified on a budget…lol. Again, It’s free so you don’t have to spend anything.

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