Rimmel London LYCRA Lash Extender…The Perfect Fit?

For those of you who are still on the quest for finding the perfect mascara, you may be shaking your head at the time it takes to find the right one. Without a doubt, it can be a long and tiresome search. You will look high and low, try this or that mascara (or that mascara again, just for old time’s sake), and you may still come up short. Some mascaras clump, some do not produce the volume that you need, others simply do not live up to their promises of longer eyelashes. “Where is the length? Where is the volume? Ugh, why is it clumping?” Do these words sounds familiar? Are you nodding in agreement? It’s okay, we understand. Please, read on.

Despite all of this, the right mascara for you is definitely out there. The perfect mascara for each individual woman exists (that also includes you, Miss Lady). You just have to try them all (or most of them) until you have found your one and only. We do not promise that Rimmel London LYCRA Lash Extender may be your perfect fit, but it is worth a try to find out and see if it is.

Rimmel London produces a lash extending and sculpting mascara with LYCRA, which “is a man-made elastane fiber,”  according to the company. The product says that upon application, the consumer will have 60 percent more length and 50 percent more curve. This mascara is really big on length. It can stretch your eyelashes, and within some period of time, you may notice that your eyelashes will look longer on its own. The mascara comes with a standard wand, so you may have to tease and tease your eyelashes to get the curve that you need. The clump factor is also great with Rimmel London LYCRA Lash Extender. A few coats of this mascara may leave you more content than that previous mascara, blast from the past. If length and little to no clumping is really important for your overall appearance, Rimmel London LYCRA Lash Extender may be the one for you.

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