Remaining Your Sharpest Self In A Tiring And Combative World

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One of the earliest lessons we learn is that the world isn’t always fair, and unfortunately, some people learn this earlier and more harshly than others. This means that as we grow and we develop measures to help counteract this, it’s important to review those measures from time to time, making sure they’re healthy responses and not simply vitriolic reactions.

It can be that in a world with such a fraught political situation, corruption at many levels, and social injustice that seems to become more and more prominent with every year, even the strongest person can feel run down, tired, and the kind of tired that sleep doesn’t readily fix. This isn’t to say that we need to despair despite how difficult things can be – as hope, optimism and a great future can be yours for the taking provided you look after number one and those closest to you.

Remaining your sharpest self in a tiring and combative world isn’t always easy, but it’s worth the effort, because its the effort that gives us the meaning necessary to move forward and overcome. And you can overcome.

With this in mind, let’s consider some self-care tips and techniques to help you achieve this very necessary approach:

Use Your Voice

It’s a great idea to use your voice when you think it needs to be used. This might not necessarily correspond to societal issues that get you down (although it could), but rather something in your personal life. Sometimes, enough is enough, and you need someone to know that. It might be putting your foot down against mistreatment in your relationship, or it might be finally taking up with your boss that their treatment is unfair, or it may mean bringing light to an issue that you have a unique perspective on.

It might sound like getting involved with even more ferocity and passion is a bad thing, but actually, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, dampening your soul because you’re not sure how the situation will play out or because others are intolerant and wish to exert control over you (such as if a boss is mistreating you), can leave you feeling even more exhausted than you may need to be.

Remember that your voice is a powerful tool, and don’t be afraid to use it.

Take Care Of Your Stress

Be sure to take care of your stress. We have written a careful guide about this that can help. Ultimately, it’s important to acknowledge that even the fiercest spirit can become stressed, and that caring for it isn’t weakness, it’s self-repair.

This may involve getting into meditation, taking long baths, repeating a mantra in the mornings, taking some time to walk in nature with no earphones or other distractions, balancing your faith, or, it can simply mean speaking to a friend you trust about a sensitive situation and expressing your emotions that way. 

For some people, visiting a counselor once a week helps them take a load off their mind and feel healthier, better, more interested, and as if they don’t have to bottle everything up. You might find that taking care of a treatment you’ve put off for a while, such as excellent dental treatment from Longmont Dental Loft, can help you put that to the back of your mind and live knowing it’s been seen to. When you achieve these little efforts, you’ll be sure to move forward with your soul just that little bit cleaner.

Log Off If You Need To

In this highly connected world, digital discourse is only a reach into our pockets away. For that reason, you can find your cortisol levels raising every time you look at social media and see a Twitter thread devolving into an argument. You can read difficult news from all over the world, and bad reactions to it. You can see more injustice than perhaps any of our ancestors had access to in their whole lives.

For this reason, it’s okay to log off if you need to, at least once in a while. In fact, we would consider this to be something of a default self-care prescription rather than a simple friendly tip. We can often ignore how the online discourse can affect us from time to time, but if you find yourself getting into heated debates, becoming angst-ridden at the things you’re seeing, or totally overwhelmed by the challenges faced by people around the world, then it’s healthy to log off, and you’re not wrong for wanting to do so. Caring for yourself is essential, and all that work is still there if and when you wish to return to it.

Don’t Carry The World On Your Shoulders

We’re living in an age where people, especially young people, are more socially conscious than ever. That’s fantastic. You don’t hear us talk about why the youth becoming politically engaged or simply aware is a bad thing, as more voices is almost always a positive.

That said, it’s very easy to have an opinion about everything in the modern-day, and to try and debate every single element of that with fury. The world is a huge and complex place, and much more nuanced than you might see through a Twitter feed or through news updates. It’s okay to say that you don’t know, and that you’re not sure what you should support. Don’t feel obligated to do everything, and don’t carry the world on your shoulders. If you just focus on doing the best you can, and focusing on what can be focused on, even in your own life, you’ll be a better and capable person, and what we need in the world is better and capable people.

This advice can apply to everyone, regardless of age, and it’s good to remind ourselves of that once in a while.

Never Ignore The Value Of A Close Social Circle

Social support is more important than we may give it credit for, as face-to-face communication and hanging out is almost always more bountiful and productive than you may think. For instance, going for lunch and discussing a recent global topic with a friend, deeply and with honesty, can be much more insightful than arguing with a random person on Twitter about it.

But more than world events and social media, a social circle helps you feel grounded, and provided for. When you’re in a close-knit group, you can express yourself, and generally feel better than you may have been alone. For that reason, sometimes logging off and going out to find people, especially now society is opening up, can be healthy. Even if it’s just as simple as joining a local hiking group to clear your head and enjoy some idle conversation, a close social circle can really nourish your spirit.

Don’t Be Afraid To Get Silly

Famous British novelist and children’s author Roald Dahl once said “A little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men.” We’re inclined to believe he’s not only right, but incredibly insightful with that statement.

The world is often serious, and intense, and no small amount of confusing. It’s enough to make your head spin. But you don’t have to carry every burden all of the time. Sometimes, being a little silly and a little carefree and a little expressive can make a massive difference in helping you feel more active, alert, and well, like yourself.

Don’t be afraid to get silly. Perhaps you could take a friend to a Spanish dancing class just because it’ll be fun and get you both out of your comfort zones. Perhaps you could try free painting, or fundraise for a local fun run. A little silliness isn’t actually silly, sometimes, it can be the most intelligent and worthwhile means of self-care.

With this advice, we hope you can remain your sharpest self even in a tiring and combative world.

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