8 Quirky Gifts I Wish Someone Gave Me (Heck, I’m Buying Them for Me!)


Aren’t you often stumped for gift ideas for your friends? Do you spend hours checking Amazon and other sites for cool gifts and exciting stuff that family members will love? Or, maybe, like me, you’re often unimpressed by some of the things people buy you!

I did a bit of research on the internet for unusual stuff that is useful to the point where you think, “Oh Good! Someone finally thought of that!” And, I found this really neat website that gives you a pick of the best innovative stuff on the internet. Check out the site and you’ll be blown away by some of the things you never knew had even been invented. And, yes! I have treated me to a few of them. Take a look!

1. Night Sky Playing Cards

Before you go, “Meh! More playing cards?” know that this pack can do a lot more than just the basic games. Not only are the cards educational and provide lots of interesting pieces of information, but kids can use them to come up with games of their own. Gift these playing cards to your younger siblings or family members and instantly become the favorite uncle/aunt. Each suit stands for a specific season and the trendy design actually makes them great for adult games too. If you’re looking to add a unique twist to your gaming nights, go for it. Did you know that according to The Atlantic, many cultures across the world have claimed to be the originators of playing cards? But, the constellations on this pack are an unexpected version on the first ones and take the term “cool gifts” to a whole new “universe.”

2. Clip-On Ring Lights for Smartphones

Who doesn’t enjoy taking selfies? And, if you’re a veteran of the art, you’ve probably dealt with a lot of ruined pictures just because you couldn’t get the lighting right. What if you could adjust the light so that it falls perfectly on your face without the annoying shining spots? Go ahead and pick up this LED accessory that clips on to your smartphone so that every time you take a shot, you have the perfect glow illuminating the image. And, yes! These cool gifts can be easily recharged with USB cords.

3. Schrodinger’s Cat Executive Decision Maker

What do you want to do tonight? Movie and dinner? DVD and takeout? Night out with the girls? Hanging out at home? Smart jeans or black skirt? If you always have trouble making the right choice, let Schrodinger’s Cat make the decision for you. If the cat shows up dead, it’s a “No!” but if he stays alive, it’s a “Yes!” For the uninitiated (or, a “The Big Bang Theory” virgin!), Schrodinger’s Cat can have only two outcomes, dead or alive. That’s where the makers got the idea. For an understanding of the history behind this concept, check out this feature on IFL science.

4. Motion-Activated Bed Light

Don’t you just hate having to fumble for the light switch when you get up in the night? And, chances are that you can’t sleep unless the room is pitch dark. Or, maybe, your partner is bumping into furniture in the middle of the night. You know what be cool gifts for you guys? The motion-activated lights placed under your bed. Step down from the bed and you’ll have a gentle glow lighting up the bedroom floor to see your way around. The light is enough to see by but no so bright that it will wake you up. Awesome, isn’t it? So, if you’ve been battling sleep disorders for a while, you absolutely need one of these like this article explains on Everyday Health.

5. Chalkboard Erasable Balloons

If you’re obsessed with saving the planet, like me, you probably hate throwing anything away? Check out this new concept where you can use and reuse decorations for parties regardless of what you’re celebrating. The set comes with a collection of balloons and chalk pens. All you need to do is inscribe the party message after blowing up the balloons. And, when you’re done, erase the writing, deflate, and pack away the balloons. They’ll be ready for use at your next do. If you’re wondering where to get them from, then just try googling chalkboard erasable wholesale balloons to find some good vendors online!

6. Galaxy Cushions

Your four-year old won’t sleep by him? Try cool gifts like this super-soft pillow with a faux fur covering. Kids only need to cuddle the pillow for it to begin glowing with different colors. You’ll need to insert 3 AA batteries into the cushions the charge them. Next, think up an interesting story about the magic that makes the pillow light up and scare off all the monsters under the bed. The light could also have a Galaxy hero hidden in it protecting all little tots. Kids have vivid imaginations and you can use them to build interesting stories. (And, get them back to bed.)

7. Magnetic Sculpture Desk Toy

Consider this to be an interesting alternative to the classic doodling pen and paper. You have a collection of 160 stainless-steel magnetized balls that you’ll pile on a black base. Place them in any order to create sculptures that will remain unmoving until you rearrange them again. With one of these cool gifts, the recipient can let his imagination go wild. You could even use the toy to help kids learn to relax and concentrate their energies into a specific channel.

8. T-Rex Skull Shower Head

If you’ve always thought than only kids enjoy dinosaurs and any other item even remotely associated with the prehistoric beasts, think again! You’d be surprised to know how many adults keep their dino fascination hidden. For these folks, the perfect cool gifts would be T-Rex skull shower heads that fit on the heads so they can shower in water shooting out of dino jaws.

There you go. A whole bunch of cool, trendy stuff that amazes you with its sheer ingenuity! Having trouble deciding on which one to order? Ask Schrodinger’s Cat!

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